Free Radical Want to Know Your Wii Preferences

Free Radical the team behind the critically acclaimed Timesplitters series, which has been on past Nintendo consoles, want to know your preferences when it comes to the Nintendo Wii.

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Skyreno3628d ago

Wii>>> ?????? N0 !!!! vote for PS3 in poll damn it

jofra013628d ago

What's wrong with them asking about how we feel about the Nintendo Wii?

Captain_Sony3627d ago

Too late you guys had your chance and Wii won.

RPG Guy3628d ago (Edited 3628d ago )

We'll never have to see another Haze on a NEXT-GEN console. Their games will fit in quite nicely with the metascore average 35/100 quality games on the wii.

jofra013628d ago

Have you ever played a Timesplitters game?

Pennywise3628d ago

RPG, I was coming here to make a comment about the Wii being about their pace in graphics. Well played, you beat me to it.

FR can stay off PS3 after Haze.

Durffen3628d ago

I just can't wait till people who don't even own a Wii get in on this poll and vote "Nothing, I'm bored of Wii."

I'd love to see more games that are on PS3 and 360 be brought to Wii, with at least a simultaneous release, and I understand that it would be a down grade, but at least try. There are more core Wii owners then you think.

ThatArtGuy3627d ago

most of the "core" owners of the Wii have another console and will pick up that version instead of the downgraded Wii one.

ChickeyCantor3627d ago

..imo if the controls make the game more fun to play i don't see " downgraded " anywhere.

And to hell with dual analog for FPS >=D.

Durffen3627d ago

I own all three consoles, and although I like them all, I would love to see more core games come to Wii. I'm picking up Call of Duty: World at War for Wii instead of PS3 or 360, because after playing the beta for 360, I feel as if I already own the game. (call of duty 2)

M_Prime3628d ago

the SHORT PICK UP AND PLAY OPTION is not gonna get a lot of votes.. casuals don't go around looking for sites like that..

Foxgod3628d ago

Please, no shooters on the WII, the controls may seem to be made for shooters, but only metroid so far made proper use of it.

I think the wii audiance would prever a decent RPG with innovative motion sensing gameplay.

Smacktard3628d ago

Err, have you ever played Metal of Honor Heroes 2? It's not other companies' fault that crap companies can't make decent use of the Wiimote. You can't blame the Wii for being bad with shooters when really it's the companies that developed them that are to be blamed.

Foxgod3628d ago (Edited 3628d ago )

It has more to do with the small odds that if they create a shooter for the Wii, that it would actually turn out decent.

So far only Nintendo pulled it off to make a really good shooter for the wii.
Since it seems to be easier for devs to make good rpg's for the wii, they should focus on that instead.

Leave the shooters to the powerhouse consoles.....

ChickeyCantor3627d ago (Edited 3627d ago )

Wait, so we should just NOT try and put concepts full of potential on a console?

Why leave it to the "powerhouse" consoles?
It's the controller that makes the FPS games on the Wii attractive.

If third party developers can make Good FPS on the other consoles why would it be something horrible to do it for the Wii?

I don't get your logic.

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The story is too old to be commented.