Ubisoft rails against Steam's "unrealistic" business model

From GameWatcher: "Ubisoft is not all too keen about Steam anymore, if their recent comments about the company are anything to go by. Chris Early, Ubisoft's partnerships & revenue vice president described Steam's game market model as "unrealistic".

This goes well in-line with Ubisoft's recent tactic of selling their games on Epic and UPlay only, avoiding Valve's legendary marketplace altogether. This has resulted in more people adopting UPlay as a permanent gaming platform, which works wonders for Ubisoft for reasons that should be obvious."

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anonymousfan701d ago

I really like the steam platform but they seem to be seriously losing ground

Rachel_Alucard699d ago

In order for them to be losing ground they would first have to acknowledge Epic as a competitor. I have yet to see that ever happening considering everything around EGS is bought and artificial.

djl3485699d ago

Yea....because not acknowledging something means it will never happen. /rolleyes

LordJamar699d ago

You haters and your only wanting steam as a monopoly dream

RedDevils699d ago

You basically describing Blockbuster of old against Netflix lol

rainslacker699d ago

Acknowledging and recognizing aren't the same thing. I'm sure Steam sees them as competition, they just aren't that concerned with it at the moment. Steam, being privately owned, isn't beholden to investors to keep revenues and profits on a continuous path up. They can afford to take a multi-million dollar hit. Epic, while gaining ground, still is a drop in the bucket for Steam. Steam wasn't hurt by EA or Ubisoft doing their own thing, nor have they been hurt by the various other services out there which don't sell on their service.

This would be more akin to how Microsoft see FreeBSD as competition. Sure, they may lose a bit if people opt to use that, but they aren't really hurt by it.

opc699d ago

steam isn't a monopoly. There are like a dozen stores and platforms on PC and most of hte most poular games in the world are not even available on Steam. Steam is just successful

Christopher699d ago

Shit. All those people playing games on EGS are not real? Damn.

Rachel_Alucard699d ago

Well the comment seems to have brought a negative emotional response in a few people so yeah I would assume theres truth to it.

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PapaBop699d ago (Edited 699d ago )

Seem to be losing ground how exactly? I'd say it's Epic losing ground with developers who care about their fans reassuring them than their games won't be on EGS. It's becoming a trend, some are even pinning the statement to their youtube videos. When Epic set out to make their store, I doubt they expected this. Not surprised from Ubi with this, I love their games but they've shafted PC gamers for years with poor ports, they won't be missed on Steam and even if you do/did buy off Steam, it just loads into Uplay anyway.

anonymousfan699d ago

A lot of the big publishers are starting their own storefronts and now Epic...

PapaBop699d ago (Edited 699d ago )

Big publishers aren't buying exclusive rights to games they didn't develop to take them away from the competition. And there hasn't been a new store from a big publisher in a while anyway other than Epic, I doubt it's effecting Steam.

699d ago
Christopher699d ago

***Epic losing ground with developers who care about their fans ***

Losing ground, but gaining more and more developers and games?

You know what developers also care about? Making money so they can finish their game the way they want and create more games afterward.

boing1699d ago (Edited 699d ago )

When EGS gains more ground, the same developers will crawl back because money.

Rachel_Alucard699d ago

Not a single publisher has started a storefront in the last 5 years. Bethesda dropped forcing theirs after 76 bombed, Ubisoft is just abusing the negative reception of EGS to their advantage, and it's unsustainable for anyone else to do so with how many launchers are being forced on people. Realistically, Take two is the only other company I can see forcing a launcher of some kind, but there are no plans, and they would make way more money selling MT's to hundreds of millions on Steam alone. Do not fall for this ridiculous narrative, this only started after Epic showed up, keep in mind.

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mamotte699d ago (Edited 699d ago )

Wait until Epic stops giving free games to see how it disappears.

anonymousfan699d ago

I'm actually curious about what will happen but in the meantime I got loads of free games which beats subscriptions like PS+ for my taste in games nevermind it's 100% free ... But yeah I agree it's unlike the giveaways will continue in 2020

699d ago
orbital71699d ago

steam are the forerunners, and the rest are just noobs looking to cash in

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SegaGamer701d ago (Edited 701d ago )

"It’s unrealistic, the current business model that they have. It doesn’t reflect where the world is today in terms of game distribution"

Eh? it's exactly the same with digital stores on consoles.

UltraNova700d ago

"It’s unrealistic, the current business model that they have. It doesn’t reflect where the world is today in terms of game distribution cuts. Now that we have a cheaper alternative (thank you EGS), Steam can go F themselves."

harmny699d ago

It's called competition. It's what makes the world better

UltraNova699d ago


You think? Of course it is and its most welcomed.

yellowgerbil699d ago

What Epic is doing isn't competition. Competition is making a better burger than the other guy, not buying up all the tomatoes in the world so no other eatery can have ketchup.

opc699d ago

They also have their own independent store called uplay where they get 100% of the money.

699d ago
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porkChop700d ago

On consoles there aren't any other options. On PC there are plenty. PC is an open market.

Kornholic699d ago (Edited 699d ago )

That's not true. You can buy digital codes from brick and mortar stores and online retailers, and you can buy digital PS4 games from Humble Bundle. Console market is still currently more physical than digital so in fact the competition on consoles is more healthy than on PC.

DaCajun699d ago


Your statement about PC is the incorrect one, there has always been plenty of healthy competition on the PC game market. Epic is just the only storefront buying and trying to monopolizing exclusives like the consoles have been doing for years. The only people that think steam was the only PC storefront around are non-PC gamers. There are lots of good PC game storefronts that compete with Steam. Now Epic came along and is using monopolizing tactics to steal Steams dominance but what they are doing is hurting the smaller storefronts. Steams never forced anyone to buy from them by buying exclusives, they just offered a good service people like not forced like EPIC is doing now.

vickers500699d ago (Edited 699d ago )

I thought I remember reading Sony recently shut that down? Don't know if it was for older products too or just newer ones, but I seem to recall they were going to severely limit digital purchases to their own store.

I think they'll still have those cards with codes on them, but no more buying the digital code itself from the likes of Amazon.

opc699d ago

and yet everyone erroneously calls Steam a Monopoly

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rainslacker699d ago (Edited 699d ago )

The big publishers can negotiate percentage rates with the console makers. Steam is apparently pretty stalwart in their pricing structure.

In general, console makers also tend to be more supportive when there are issues with the store, or the games, while Steam really doesn't care if there's a problem.

Blu3_Berry701d ago

Says the same publisher that banned Assassin Creed Odyssey's custom maps that provided players a big boost for XP because they want people to buy their microtransaction XP boost instead. Ubisoft doesn't care about the gamers and only care about milking players as much as they can with an easy template for their games.

They can keep their games on the EGS. I never found their games to be all that great to begin with. It's all pretty much the same template for their franchises. Big, massive open-world with tons of tedious side-objectives that don't add anything to the game other than extending the playtime and fill that said game with tons of microtransactions and a medicore story. Soon Splinter Cell will follow that template. Oh, and don't forget but Ubisoft also likes mobile.

neutralgamer1992700d ago (Edited 700d ago )

Ubi is just as greedy as Ea they are a dually worst for implementing these things in single player games

You either do all the boring fetch quests or buy boosters

RedDevils699d ago

Especially with Ubi Denuvo in all their games.

LordJamar699d ago

Hey watch your sodium intake lol

opc699d ago

It's also the same publisher that has been handing out free monthly updates and an expansion that adds a solid 60 hours to the game with 3 wildly different environments.

NeoGamer232699d ago

Every company doesn't care about gamers and are trying to milk gamers.

Nintendo put out a less then stellar console in the late 90's and that help PS1 and PS2 gain a foothold, Sony delayed putting out PS3 for a year and over-priced it and for the three years great games were hard to come by.... Microsoft had 360 RRoD issues and I don't even know what planet Don M. was on as he led the XBox One into existence.

On the third party side, Ubisoft as you stated as their issues, but Bethseda has fallen from glory with Fallout 76, EA just keeps being stupid, Square Enix just keeps with the same basic formula, Capcom - people seem to like but forget their completely lame ports (disguised as remasters) at the start of the generation, and finally Activision-Blizzard where milking is the only thing they both seem to really know.

If you are looking for a company that is looking out for you every company has strikes in my books!

Rachel_Alucard698d ago

"Sony delayed putting PS3 out for a year"

More like Microsoft released it a year early to beat out Sony since they failed hard the previous gen, which is the only reason they even got the traction they did last gen. They ended up having the biggest failure rate in history because of that. The PS3 still sold more in the end, so it was a waste, and now they're back to playing second bananas like the first time.

NeoGamer232698d ago

Who cares who is 1st, 2nd, 3rd.... or whatever? None of the big three are going anywhere. They are around today, they will be around next gen, and they will be around the gen after as well. Anyone thinks that any of these companies are folding there tents are delusional.

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xVOLTx700d ago

Make better games Ubisoft.

opc699d ago

I feel like the people that say this haven't played the last AC.

Tross700d ago

I’ll continue to support Steam, and ignore EGS. Thanks Ubisoft. Your statement would mean more coming from a less crooked company that makes better games.

LordJamar699d ago (Edited 699d ago )

Image being such a fanboy and thinking steam is the “good guys” or gives any crap about you 😂😂

Imalwaysright699d ago

Imagine being such a fanboy that you would settle with the far inferior service that doesn't even have basic features and what do you mean with "good guys”? Do you want us to believe that Epic gives a shit about us?

Rachel_Alucard699d ago

Imagine being such a fanboy and thinking Epic is the "good guys" or gives any crap about you 😂😂

699d ago
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