GCO: Fable II Review "What Is Your Fable?"

"True goodness and nobility is not about saving this person or that person. It's about how much you're willing to sacrifice." This is one of many guide lines for the sequel to the hit Xbox title, Fable from Lionhead Studios. The question is what kind of hero will you be? Will you be a noble hero or will you be a selfish hero? If you can answer these questions you have now determine the future of Albion because you are the future.

Fable II opens 500 years after the first game in our heroes pre-teens years in the snowy covered town of Bowerstone. When in this period of time, you travel round with your older sister doing missions for gold to try and get a mysterious "magic" box that has attracted your attention from a seller. While attending to one of your mission in the beginning of the game you'll meet a new companion in the form of a dog, that we like to call "Rex".

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