The Last of Us 2 Shown Off to GameStop Employees, Brief Gameplay Details Revealed

It has been revealed that Sony has shown off some brand new footage of The Last of Us Part II (stylized as The Last of Us 2) behind closed doors at this year’s GameStop Convention.

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seanpitt23508d ago

So wanted this to come out in 2019 the wait as been a long one hopefully the next 6 months we can finally get to play it

nucky64508d ago

agreed. hey, next february-may we get this game and dying light 2 - gonna be a great start to next year!

harmny508d ago

Are you forgetting about cyberpunk?

mrmikew2018508d ago

Dying Light 2 looks fucking awesome, this and L.o.f.u. 2 are going to be must buys.

bouzebbal508d ago

This game is shaping up to be massive... I regret a few things they have chosen to implement... Hoping it doesn't become a habit

jdaboss507d ago

next years shaping to be a monster of a year.. i cant frekin wait.

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sprinterboy508d ago (Edited 508d ago )

The wait for there nxt game should be shorter as its already in production, codenamed "strays crossing" so hopefully the wait will be shorter too.
Googled "strays crossing" but nothing but cats and dogs lol.

InKnight7s507d ago

Yeah but why would Last of Us 2 will release in same year of Death Stranding and Days Gone? If that happened both games won't have a chance to sell as much as possible and will be overshadowed, just exactly what happned with Yakuza 6 with it released simultaneously with GOW.

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THC CELL508d ago

Working at game i got chance to see it myself along side a few employees. All I can say is my God naughty dog are great. Also we seen confirmation of a ps5 version

Shane Kim508d ago

Don't play with my emotions man.

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fdkenzo508d ago

Yup, i also hear that it will be a PS5 version of the game, and it will have mind blowing graphics with RT...

RangerWalk267507d ago

Isn't PS5's RT software accelerated? Not hardware?

milohighclub507d ago

Well its amd and they havent given much details but based off the presentation amd did it could possibly be a hybrid software/hardware/cloud. They said in the briefing they would be able to do full rt with cloud tech. I'm still standing by my prediction that ps5 will be 8k(upscaled) 120fps(frame interpolation) and full ray tracing (cloud).

nirwanda508d ago (Edited 508d ago )

Assuming your telling the truth and i have seen you on here for many years and no reason to doubt you, would you be able to let me know if the PS4 version will carry over to ps5 or is it a separate version or an upgrade option it could influence my purchase of a PS4 copy .

RizBiz507d ago

It'd be nice if you could use the PS4 disc and just have the system download PS5-specific files as an update.

Shane Kim507d ago

And miss Sony the opportunity to sell you two copies? I don't think so.

Prince-Ali507d ago

@NirWanda & RizBiz

Isn't that whats already confirmed with the PS5 future proofing and Confirmed patents for the PS5..?

CoNn3rB507d ago

from what I've heard the PS5 will be backwards compatible with the PS4, so I'd assume that you'll be able to play the PS4 version on the PS5

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Snakeeater25508d ago

so they played tlou 2 on ps5 cool

The_Sage508d ago

I really hope we see more on this game on Outbreak Day. I love it already.

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