NZGamer: Lips Preview

NZGamer writes: "Microsoft has been making a bigger attempt at baiting casual gamers lately, with titles like Scene It aimed squarely at the Buzz-playing crowd. And now we have Lips, which - let me make this clear - is not in any way a blatant encroachment on SingStar territory. Nope, not at all.

Regardless, a little competition never hurt anybody - and the SingStar franchise could do with some shaking up in the form of a viable alternative. Lips has several things going for it - while the basic gameplay is very close to SingStar, there are a number of features that potentially set it apart."

The Good: Sing your own songs!

The Bad: Might not live up to its potential

The Ugly: You while singing. Trust me

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baum4053d ago

That doesn't mean everyone does, maybe they just suck at the game.

Max Power4053d ago

is Lips under multiplat, when it is a 360 exclusive?

Frulond4053d ago

don't not why it was approved like this...

darkdoom30004053d ago

Ps3, x360 and PC??? whoes the idiot who submitted it like this??

anyway. singstar is popular in europe regions..