Out of Eight: Sniper: Art of Victory Review

Out of Eight writes: "Nothing is more feared on the battlefield than snipers (well, that and Gary Coleman). You don't know when they are going to strike, and one shot is all it takes. Obviously, this kind of action would make for a good computer game, and that's the goal of Sniper: Art of Victory. This is another one of those budget first person shooters at the low, low price of $10. You should probably lower your expectations when dealing with a game as cheap as this one, but as long as the core mechanic of shooting people remain intact, then some good fun should be had."

The Good:
+Realistic breathing and wind effects
+Decent graphics for the price
+Only $10

The Not So Good:
-Unflinching difficulty
-Unfairly stupid mission design
-Questionable ballistics and unreliable targeting
-Linear levels limit sniping positions
-Unintelligent AI
-Multiplayer could have been neat

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