The Last Guardian Director, Fumito Ueda Searching for a Publisher For Next Project

Curious what the Fumito Ueda next game is? Known for his work on ICO & more, Ueda has said that his next game is ready for a publisher.

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isarai515d ago

That sounds kinda worrisome, like they dont have the means to actually do anything till they can find a publisher. Hope this isnt a bad omen for the team

Obscure_Observer515d ago

It's A great opportunity to Phil Spencer steps in.

naruga514d ago

Sony hurry !! grab it immediately .....

bluefox755514d ago

...and destroy another great studio? Why would anyone ask for that?

Livingthedream514d ago

It took them close to a decade to get this game out, I think I would pass on it.

Juusterey514d ago

hop in and do whatever it is you did to rare

UltraNova514d ago

Honestly, a Ueda game on any other platform other than PlayStation feels strange, unnatural even. But who knows how Sony and Ueda's reletionship ended up after all those grinding years (8 to be exact) developing tLG.

Imortus_san514d ago


If all the games they made flopped how are they a Great Studio?

Silly gameAr514d ago

Step in and do what? Talk about stepping in to anyone that will listen?

TheTony316514d ago

Step in to do what? Cancel the project?

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excaliburps514d ago

You'd think with the games they churned out, this would be a no-brainer for most, no? Weird that they've yet to find one.

DaDrunkenJester514d ago

Um very small niche games that dont sell well that also take 9 years to make? Yeah seems like a no brainer for most to SKIP this guy.

RememberThe357514d ago

Jesters right on this one. He had to be removed from The Last Guardian just to get the game finished. The man is without a doubt a great artistic mind but his management skills seem to be lacking. The Last Guardian must have been a massive money pit for Sony.

jukins514d ago

He wasnt removed he left to join genDesign but remained under contract to finish the game. So much misinformation. . . Tlg went on to sell over a million as well as the shadow of colossus psr sold over a million. The team ico collection (ico and shadow of the colossus ps3) also sold over a million not to mention there separate solo outings both sold well.

sprinterboy514d ago (Edited 514d ago )

His unannounced game has been wrapping up the prototype stage to show off to possible publishers so I don't know if you were implying he hasn't started a game since TLG or wether they don't have the means until a publisher is found?
If it's the can't Start making a game until a publisher is found, I suggest you read the article nxt time.
Edit: worrysome? Most games start off in prototype stage which is then shown to publishers who are interested in the concept, who then decide wether to be the publisher or not.
Like I said he's wrapping up a year of prototype stuff to show publishers, so not sure what your worried about?

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isarai514d ago

I'm talking production, prototyping is almost never done on anyone's clock(I.E very rare someone gets paid to make a prototype) so no that's not what i'm suggesting. I'm referring to the only thing you'd need a publisher for, money. And if they are now "ready for a publisher" it sounds like (but is not certain) they don't have the means to fund their own production, as in they are just probably doing very minor tasks and small outsourcing jobs to pay the bills till they can actually get some form of funding to green light their game's production. Game development like this isn't free. If that is the case, being stuck in that situation for too long will make everything fall apart, including the team.

I'm just saying i hope they have a plan B if they can't find a publisher, cause i'd hate for this team to evaporate.

rainslacker514d ago (Edited 514d ago )

For an indie dev, prototypes are often made on the developers dime, or maybe an angel investor, and used to try and sell the game to a publisher, who will then fund full production. Every indie game I've worked on has done it this way, and 2 out of the 3 indie games I worked on, I was hired to do the programming to get the prototype working, with the expectation that if they found a publisher, I would stay on to do more on the project.

My guess is that they are pitching the game to publishers, and will take a deal, or if it's a really good idea, then have a choice of publishers where they can take the best deal.

Whether or not there are other routes to make the game depends on the scope of the game. A big game will need funding at least, but without a publisher, it can be hard to make a game that has a large scope.

rainslacker514d ago

It's only worrisome if he doesn't find a publisher. Publisher brings in money to finish and distribute the game. Depending on the scope of the game, it may not be possible to just self publish.

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Spurg514d ago

After the headache, Sony put them through I don't think they will be their first choice.

Inzo514d ago

Wont be MS because as proven time and time again Xbox gamers do not support Japanese games. Could be Nintendo or any of the big Japanese gaming companies.

HusbandAndWifeGaming514d ago

No one but Sony would have given them that much time and those many resources to complete their game.

Nitrowolf2514d ago

Curious to what headache, I mean I can see the contract obligation being one but in the least they have him ample enough time to work on the Last Guardian. I think it’s just more so he wanted to be his own guy

514d ago
Pyroxfaglover514d ago

What,.. By giving him like 8 years to work on a game? The hell is wrong with you,..

bluefox755514d ago

Seems like it was the other way around tbh.

UltraNova514d ago

Exhibit 1) Here we can observe a classic case of a salty gamer. Symptoms include delusions and truth bending.

DaDrunkenJester514d ago

After the headache, Ueda put Sony through I dont think he will be their first choice.

There I fixed it for you.

The_Sage514d ago (Edited 514d ago )

Sony didn't put the through anything. As with Ico, and Shadow of the Colossus, Fumito had to rework The Last Guardian multiple times to see his vision through. He chose to leave Sony after his contract was up to form GENdesign Studios while still working on The Last Guardian.

KickSpinFilter514d ago

LOL More like the other way around kid.

jukins514d ago

Umm what headache did Sony put them through? The dude was over ambitious his hame needed more power than the ps3 could provide for his vision. Then he quit making games, then he came back and Sony STILL funded another full development cycle.

The only headache here is ueda. Not sure how Sony gave any headaches when after all that time they didnt cancel the game

darthv72514d ago

@Inzo, maybe you should rephrase. I know that JP xbox gamers dont support JP games but I and many others in the West do. MS wants more JP developer support, here is one little opportunity.

rainslacker514d ago (Edited 514d ago )

They stopped production of the original game because he couldn't get it to work on the PS3 hardware. It wasn't in production for a full 8 years. It was revisited once the PS4 was designed. I don't know what he did in the time that the game was put on hold, or possibly cancelled to be brought back later.

I don't think that's a headache, just something that happened. Any other issues they may have had during production were never made known, and most of the speculation around the production of TLG game has been nothing but conjecture and assumption.

As far as I know, it was never made known if Ueda left on bad terms. He left, and then came back as a consultant to finish TLG. As far as I know, no one knows why he left, but I'd guess he was frustrated with the demands put on him to make games being a game director and all. So long as he didn't leave in a bad way, Sony would be an obvious choice to seek funding, because he would have connections within their producer pipelines.

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excaliburps514d ago

From what happened with TLG, I don't think Sony is game to do another project with him again.

Blackcanary514d ago (Edited 514d ago )

@darthv72 Ueda will never pitch his new game to MS since XB don't sell in Japan and their games don't ether I used to live in Japan its hard to even find a XB game In some stores. Ueda market is Japan they will get a Japanese publisher with out a doubt.

Inzo514d ago

Whats the hold-up Sony?!

King_Noctis514d ago (Edited 514d ago )

After The Last Guardian and how long it took to make that game, I don’t think Sony is too eager to work with him again and rightfully so.

Inzo514d ago

This Last Gaurdian imho was a very good game , yes it did feel like forever to be released but surely that cant be reason enough for Sony not to be interested in working with Ueda again? He did give us SotC and ICO after all.

Agent_00_Revan514d ago

This is my exact hesitation. Good game, but 10+ years to make is not something I'd be jumping towards. Sure there's no reason to believe it would happen again. But its still an important bullet point on a resume.

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AngelicIceDiamond514d ago

It took them 7 years to release the game. Its obvious Sony doesn't rush its teams, but Sony can't be happy with 7 year wait. Can't take 7 plus years to release a game. Plus that's 7 years of money and major resources Sony was throwing at them and I highly doubt Sony would want to do that again. Game complications happen all the time sometimes they're inevitable everyone knows this, but I don't know if Sony wants to work with them again for a while.

Nitrowolf2514d ago

They didn’t ditch him, his contract was up with them and he wanted to move on to his own studio that he had made in the time working with Sony

Giblet_Head514d ago

Try not to take ten years with this too.

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sprinterboy514d ago

Well it states in the article there wrapping up the prototype stage to show to publishers which took over a year so I wouldn't hold your breath lol.

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