Out of Eight: Spectromancer Review

Out of Eight writes: "I think the pinnacle of nerd is turn-based card games like Magic: The Gathering. I never got into that sort of thing, shying away from buying expansion packs of card with funny pictures and numbers on them. It might have something to do with the fact that I thought the genre had more of a role-playing tilt, and I'm not a big RPG guy, with one or two exceptions. Since the modern computer can replace real friends, turn-based card games are a fine addition to the PC, allowing you to play against foes in other locations through online play or against the computer itself. Spectromancer clearly has its influence in turn-based card games, as exemplified by the fact that the developers of the game were responsible for both Astral Masters and Magic: The Gathering itself. A strong pedigree like that is promising; how does the game turn out?"

The Good:
+Intriguing gameplay with numerous strategies to employ'
+Easy to learn
+Great interface clearly shows card attributes
+Varied card abilities
+Competent AI opponent
+Compelling branching campaign mode
+Online play

The Not So Good:
-Randomized decks remove overall building strategy
-Only 48 base cards means some repetition
-Wizard specialization does not matter much
-Unimpressive graphics

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