Hooked Gamers: SOCOM: Confrontation Review

The long wait for a PS3 SOCOM game is over, but in the end, people never quite got what they bargained for. The technical issues with the game make it feel a little rushed, but besides that, it is a fine piece of software. Though purchasers will likely be grasping for more after playing the game due to the lack of offline modes, they will just have to wait for the eighth installment. That is, if there is one. On a side note, let's hope that the next one is developed by Zipper Interactive, or at least a developer that knows what they are doing.

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Bladestar3631d ago

damn... and the Socom punishment continues....

DavidMacDougall3631d ago

Its almost like those hundreds of thousands Socom fans playing the game don't care that it scores low in reviews?

ultimolu3631d ago

Why do you care Bladestar?

They're enjoying the game. It's sad that 360 fans only focus on scores in determining great games.

Panthers3631d ago

Well David, that is because they dont. Who the f**k cares what some random douchebag says. The game is fun as hell.

El_Colombiano3631d ago


Ownage is always better in sarcasm, bubble up!

AuToFiRE3631d ago

I really like this game, its not as good as Kizzy2 but tis still really good

pavarotti3631d ago

just stfu. you were the first sony fanatic all over the too human threads when it was scoring 6's and 7's, but now it's only 360 fans. i know it hurts you everytime you see a negative playstation or one of it's software threads, but that's life.

and by the way, how does a known fanboy get 8 bubbles within a week with a new account???

Bladestar3631d ago

I think pavarotti got to the point I wanted to get... When an xbox 360 gets a low score... and mind it... they are very few (i.e. Too Human) people like do not shut up about it... even if, "Its almost like those hundreds of thousands ... fans playing the game don't care that it scores low in reviews"... so if some of us... rub it in your face when a PS3 games gets an even worst review and all top sites unanimously trash the game... even though Sony's blind followers who love anything sony makes as we seeing with games like Haze and Lair... then it's only fair... live with it... there is a saying... "What goes around comes around..." live with it.

DiabloRising3631d ago

That's it Blade, feed the stupid cycle instead of rising above it. Really smart, all the finger pointing totally helps.

InMyOpinion3631d ago

They use their old account to bubble up the new one.

SL1M DADDY3631d ago

That's because if you know and love SOCOM, you know and love Confrontation. It is SOCOM at its core and it was a game developed for the fans, not the casual shooter crowd. SOCOM is in fact a great game, it's just not for the many who thought it would be a quick pick-up-and-play title.

Man_of_the_year3630d ago (Edited 3630d ago )

I borrowed by brothers copy for 2 days - played it and enjoyed it - however i still feel that Graw 2 is a much more complete and better tactical game with better graphics. And yes it has Clan support. And for about the same price you also get a single player campaign and More multiplayer maps. I would give Socom a 7/10. 6 is a little low...

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arakouftaian3631d ago

Fun n adictive teambase(clan) game, they will sound retarded n bad, that how ridiculous r looking all this webpages once they put this bad reviews they lose credibylity n look bad, this game is one of the top 5 games right know get it get inside a clan n have fun ( n yes it need some few stuf to be fixed but the game is playable n fun n once it get fixed in every way I will give it a 9.2 that's how good this game is, it make me n many other stop playing COD4 that how good this game is)

badz1493631d ago

the game is super addictive! it's awesome in many aspects and I totally love it! I recommend this game for everybody who's into tactical shooters and or CS fan! this game is way better than CS and even CoD4! I played for many hours this past weekend and I feel like skipping work today!(but obviously I can't!) I think I'm gonna spend my whole night playing this tonight!

Man_of_the_year3631d ago

Socom is getting some bad reviews....Just stick with GRAW 2 - it has everything and more to offer.

Needs moar FLOP3631d ago

Sounds like a FLOP to me!!! ;-D ;-P ;-P

DARKTRINITYxxx3631d ago

Each to thier own choice tbh. I myself swaped my socom+sony headset bundle preorder over to just the sony headset. Dont get me wrong i love my PS3 to bits im just not impressed with what i seen from this socom game.

Panthers3631d ago

You only care because it is a PS3 exclusive. That is what is sad. The game is awesome.

ultimolu3631d ago

Immaturity: A sign that you are a 360 fanbrat.

DavidMacDougall3631d ago (Edited 3631d ago )

I want the headset

PoSTedUP3631d ago (Edited 3631d ago )

is that the retail cover version? cause the cover to the "flop" that i play every night for hours at a time with all my friend in this clan we made called "tatotiburon has no life" has a dude that's closer up holding a M60 (or the Mk.48) with a scope and a laser, the one that came with the state of the art bluetooth head set.

i guess they make bundled and SE game covers different from regular retail versions because the SE cover to resistance2 (the other flop) looks way better than the retail version cover. lol.

DiabloRising3631d ago

Why so sad Ultimolu?

It's easy when you have a free minute. I mean, check out this game I found! Real sleeper hit, AAA material!

tatotiburon3631d ago

wow onslaught hahaha, impressive you actually know how to use you pc...

For you dedication i'm going to send you a little present for you lonely nights


DiabloRising3631d ago

Touche good sir.

I'll let you know when I join this SDF though, until then I'm off to enjoy my BLT!

karlostomy3631d ago (Edited 3631d ago )

bubbles for your creativity.


I had better get practicing on photoshop!

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