10 Games That Are Way Better When Played With a Friend

Not every game is at its best when played alone. Case in point: These are 10 games that are way better when played with a friend.

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thepatientgamer1257d ago

Co-op games are so much fun. Resident evil 5 AND 6 were great with friends. Additionally, L4D on xbox OG was a ton of fun. OVERCOOKED is a very fat jam of a game. Obviously all the halo and gears titles. DAMN. good times.

Nacho_Z1257d ago

GTA5 was a cool game to play with friends, the heists and PVP and stuff like racing were a lot of fun with communication. You could make full on films as well using the editor, it's quite a game.

Eidolon1257d ago

Terraria was a blast with my brother.

LiViNgLeGaCY1257d ago

The Borderlands games for sure.

AK911257d ago

Wolfenstein Youngblood.