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Wreckfest is one of those games that until I got my hands on it, I had no idea how much I missed this style of white knuckle racing. Bugbear absolutely nailed the physics, controls, effects and track design. Every race and event is a ferocious free for all. It’s like driving through a tornado of metal, smoke and debris where the only option is to keep your foot floored, regardless of what’s ahead.

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Kumakai54d ago

Wreckfest is pretty great, imo and I have also been playing it on the One X. Way more than I was expecting across the board: graphics, physics, damage modeling, variety and most of all fun. Small gripe on the lack of HDR and my custom graphics thing doesn't seem to work but... still great.

harmny54d ago (Edited 54d ago )

The game is amazing. Played it on pc