Australian retailers know Anthem is dead and gone

EA's multiplayer role-playing game is still a new release, but after only 6 months it's already AU$15. Australian retailers know, Anthem is dead.

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XiNatsuDragnel393d ago

Dang even retailers know the truth lmao

CptDville393d ago

Bought new for about 10 usd (34 reais). Now within an indie price range it may be worth to put a few hours in it.

Sciurus_vulgaris393d ago

I have seen anthem at Best Buy and Walmart for only $19.99 Canadian. Crackdown 3 at 39.99, twice as much as Anthem despite coming out at the same time and flopping!

Wolffenblitz393d ago

Anthem is better than Crackdown.

Lighter9393d ago

"You cannot kill that which is already dead." With a picture of the Undertaker. Lol

Smokehouse393d ago (Edited 393d ago )

Props on them for letting people know though. I think letting people buy a dead online game is more disingenuous than the idea of loot boxes. Retailers should do the same thing with loot boxes if they absolutely must do something. Put a funny sign, make a loot box game section. Much more informative, effective and acceptable by most standards.

Leeroyw393d ago

I had a jb manager refuse my refund. Then I spoke to the general manager for Vic and I just asked him to google "anthem ps4". Not only did I get my money back a minute later but they changed their policy on that, game.

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