Sony Buying Insomniac Games Sends A Big Message

Our editor Nicholas dives into the purchase of Insomniac Games and why it is such a blockbuster move for Sony and what could it mean for the future.

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Jimboms557d ago

Can't wait to see Spider-Man 2

557d ago
GottaBjimmyb557d ago (Edited 557d ago )

I just love that Sony let's the 3rd party devs handle MP shooty shooty games (for the most part) and puts their focus on making the most well crafted, thoughtful and fun story based single player games. They are basically the only dev or publisher who knows how to make a great SP game AND make it profitable.

Either sony developed or published thos gen alone:
Spiderman, GOW, Uncharted 4, Until Dawn, Bloodborne, Ghost of Tsushima (this week), Detroit, Infamous: SS and my personal favorite Horizon. And those are just the ones that come to mind and are SP focused or SP only games.

Also, IMO they have the most accessible VR and easily the best actual games, so curious to see where they bring that next gen. VR kinda flailing currently.

Shane Kim557d ago

Don't forget Gravity Rush.

nucky64557d ago

don't forget days gone and last of us2!

Tross557d ago

@GottaBjimmyb The funny thing is, Sony doesn't do anything particularly special, other than making great games that people want to play. They make money because they sell well, y'know, like how games always used to generate income for the companies behind them. I'm not entirely sure why this is such a difficult concept for some other companies to grasp, but Sony has proven time and again that quality singleplayer titles can and do sell well, and do make a profit.

Heck, their games are on one platform only and they still often outsell many other AAA titles. There are a lot of articles crying about how PS exclusives aren't available on other platforms that manifest themselves in port begging for third party titles, and trying to pull threads and find every last flaw in first party titles that even those journalists realize will never come to their precious XB1/Switch/PC. You really don't see that with exclusives on other platforms. It's all because even fans of other platforms are jealous that PS4 owners have access to all these great games.

As for other companies, they really just need to start making games that sell well because they're great. That's really all there is to it. That's all there ever was to it. Sony just refused to smoke whatever those other companies are on, and it never occurred to them to change what has and continues to work.

rainslacker557d ago

Square has done pretty decent this gen for SP games.

Otherwise, it does seem like the narrative driven SP game doesn't have as much market competition as it once did. On the flip side, with all the competing MP only games, more MP games are flops, showing that over saturation of any one thing is always going to be a problem no matter the genre

Imalwaysright557d ago

"They are basically the only dev or publisher who knows how to make a great SP game AND make it profitable."

No, they're not.

GottaBjimmyb557d ago (Edited 557d ago )

@iamalwaysright do you have another dev/publisher this gen in mind? Or just a reactionary thing?

Maybe CDPR, but they made 1 game. Otherwise I guess Nintendo would be next best after Sony. I'll be honest I was primarily considering between xb1, ps4 and PC since those are the platforms with 3rd party support generally.

Imalwaysright557d ago


Nah, I'm just telling the truth. Yes CDRP is a good example and they didn't just make one game but then you also have Larian, Nintendo, Irrational games, Capcom, Platinum games, Sega, Atlus, Team Ninja, Square Enix, Rocksteady, Firaxis, 4A games, Fromsoftware, Arkane studios... and all these just from the top of my head.

GottaBjimmyb557d ago (Edited 557d ago )

@imalwaysright You clearly didn't read the "this gen" and "made a profit" part of what I said. On top of that I said "basically" meaning specifically, Sony nails it 90% of the time and releases multiple titles per year that are top tier GOTY competitors, selling millions. You pointed out studios with no games or 1 or 2 games this gen. Also, basically, does not mean exclusively, so obviously square and Fromsoft are exceptions to that generality, hence "basically." However:

-Irrational games did not have any major release this gen
-CDPR released what other than witcher 3 this gen?
-I already said Nintendo and explained why I didn't necessarily think of it.
-Capcom did come out with RE7 but everything else either was a sales flop, multiplayer game (MH:W) or review flop, but I guess they are a decent example
-Not sure what sega titles you are referring to specifically, but I can't think of any other than alien isolation, which certainly was not a major success in rating or sales, but I guess it wasn't a failure either.
-platinum released nier, but not sure what else.
-Team ninja? You mean the Sony published game NIOH? If so, you kinda prove my point.
-Rocksteady released 1 game this gen
-Arkane prey and dishonored 2 were both sales failures, despite being decent games.
-4a games, I really doubt Metro Exodus sold well... and it is their ONLY game this gen.
-Firaxis, XCOM2 sold REALLY poorly.
-FROMSoftware's most successful game this gen was bloodborne, published by Sony. But yea, I would certainly include them in the side of "basically the only" category that I mentioned.
-Square enix - good games definitely, but sales under expectation on over half of their releases, to be fair, sounds like their issue is a budget management issue, their games are irrefutably great and obviously are part of the "basically the only" exception.

I mean, you are basically giving a list proving my point, while also ignoring I said basically the only ones who do it consistently. Not to mention, 90% of the games/devs you mentioned either Sony published and partially developed their best selling games, or were questionable on sales/reviews.

Imalwaysright557d ago (Edited 557d ago )


I didn't like the moving of goalposts because I found it to be a lame attempt at saving face so I talked about the devs/publishers I wanted to prove the point I wanted to make when I replied to your original comment but even then:

Ni-Oh was published by Sony for the PS4, not for PC.

Yes CDPR, only made one game so far this gen and has an upcoming game that is generating a lot of hype but like I said, I didn't like the moving of goalposts.

FromSoftware also recently came out with Sekiro.

"Capcom did come out with RE7" and DMC and RE2 but since you mentioned U4 and Bloodborne in your original comment why not add Monster Hunter wich was extremely successfull as well?

"sega titles" I was thinking about Yakuza games when I mentioned Sega. An IP that has been around since the PS2 days must be profitable.

"Square enix - good games definitely, but sales under expectation on over half of their releases" Doesn't matter when they are producing singleplayer games that are successful both critically and commerciall wich means that they CAN do it.

"platinum released nier, but not sure what else." Well you mentioned games from devs that only released one game so far this gen such as Sucker Punch but that's irrelevant to me because like I stated I talked about the devs/publishers I wanted to and since I'm a Platinum games fanboy I wanted to mention them.

"Irrational games did not have any major release this gen" Again, I wanted to mention them.

"I mean, you are basically giving a list proving my point" No I'm not.

"while also ignoring" You got that right.

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rainslacker557d ago

Hoping for another ratchet and clank game. Maybe a new one in the series instead of another remake.

Otherwise, they've been around a while, and have a lot of creative people. I imagine they have all sorts of new game ideas floating around the office

GaboonViper557d ago

Agree, love the R+C series, own all the games.

OC_MurphysLaw557d ago

I think the message sent is two fold and healthy for the industry: 1) Sony is not going to sit back and just rest on their succcess, they will look to add and improve to their position. 2) Sony is aware of the moves MS has made on studio acquisition and they see the danger of Google looking to do similar so they are making moves now for competition.

neutralgamer1992557d ago

Sony has always planned to go to 20+ world wide studios and currently they are at 14

But that 14 number is so misguided because many of these 14 have 2-3 internal teams

ND have 2
GG have 2
Insomniac have 3
Bend started another
Sony itself started one for uncharted series

Just to name few

Blue point are next
Kojima met with Sony ceo and world ife studios president

Sony is in talks with some Japanese companies too

But there are some heavy hitters that could be in world wide studios by E3

Sony has acquired some others without announcing holding back until time is right

From now to reveal of Ps5 they will slowly reveal this way each acquisition gets their time and attention in gamers minds

Pyroxfaglover557d ago

They should get IOI (these games are really hardcore),.. Hope they could actuary buy from,.. but I don't think that is possible,..

neutralgamer1992557d ago

you will be surprised at what they have in store. Instead of doing one show and announcing all their acquisition they want them spread out so they can continue to stay in gamers mind/journalists articles etc. and at reveal of ps5(February or March 2020 in NY)

bluepoint is done
Kojima is very close to being done(DS won't come to pc)
few very interesting Japanese developers(sony wants to grow sony japan big time)

2 things i will say:

if you remember some time ago sony world wide studios update logo was leaked which had insomniac and kojima on it but sony said it was false and denied it

few months ago all of the sudden a rumor popped up that sony was in talks to outright buy take two(all i will say is don't be surprised)

Christopher557d ago

***Sony has always planned to go to 20+ world wide ***

Link to this statement?

Pyroxfaglover557d ago

Total global domination of PlayStation nation.

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