PS Vita Exploit Quickly Shut Down by Sony With New Firmware Patch

Sony has acted with lightning speed to shut down a new exploit by computer science student and self-proclaimed "Vita hacker" Andy Nguyen aka theFlow.

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Rhythmattic509d ago

Seems Sony still support the Vita.... lol

InKnight7s509d ago

Isn't it the most ironic thibg in gaming industry?

IamTylerDurden1508d ago (Edited 508d ago )

Why ironic? It's an 8 year old system that never really sold well, obviously it won't be heavily supported by Sony, but it's still a part of the PlayStation ecosystem and games still release for it. If some well known person is advertising how they are hacking it i'd expect them to shut that down. Not ironic at all.

mikeslemonade508d ago

Why would you want to play vita right now. I don’t even want to play switch on handheld mode.

Knushwood Butt508d ago

I'm playing Catherine on Vita.

Inzo509d ago

Although they stopped production I dont think they will stop supporting it any time soon.

Eidolon508d ago (Edited 508d ago )

These updates aren't really support... not for users anyway.
Can't remember an update that was a new feature, or fixing a bug non-related to hacks.

Imortus_san509d ago

Keep dreaming, they killed the ps vita when they launched the PS4, and that a fact.

bluebenjamin509d ago

Yep very true I was pissed 😤 I had the OLED Vita 32 gb memory stick Killzone Mercenaries Ninja Gaiden 2 were the main games I played besides psp fight night round 3.I remember soon as ps4 came about the vita commercials slowed down than we started getting cell phone quality games and that was it. The Vita reminds me of Dreamcast a little because its impressive tech that didn’t get a chance to show itself

IamTylerDurden1508d ago (Edited 508d ago )

The PS4 launch helped the Vita in a sense because it offered widespread remote play and the Vita was almost positioned as a PS4 companion. Vita just didn't sell and PS4 did, so obviously PS4 got the attention.


Obviously Sony focused marketing and development towards the PS4 upon its release, PS4 was brand new and it was their main console as well as massively popular. However, there were still excellent games that released around or after the launch of the PS4.

Tearaway -2014
Freedom Wars - 2014
SEVERED - 2015
World of Final Fantasy - 2016
Final Fantasy X/X2 HD
Toukidan Kiwami - 2014
Oreshika - 2014
Odin Sphere - 2016
God Eater 2
Resident Evil Revelations 2 - 2015
Dragon Quest Builders - 2016
Darkest Dungeon
Shovel Knight

Those are just off of memory i'm sure there are more quality/and/or big games that released after PS4.

You say you only really played Killzone Mercenary and Ninja Gaiden on Vita prior to the PS4 releasing, but KZ Mercenary literally came out 1 month before PS4. Did you buy KZ Mercenary on day 1 and play it like crazy for a month? C'mon man. The game came out right around the launch of the PS4.

bluebenjamin508d ago

@Durden that list sucks for a Playstation and you know it You just tryna bail the ps4 out Vita was new too!

smashman98509d ago

Homebrew can often keep a console alive well after its prime. Sony stopped making games for this thing forever ago and it's essentially a dead console in terms of any major titles. So it's strange to see Sony being so aggressively anti- cfw

SlagWolf508d ago

My first thought as well. I can’t renember the last time I saw any news about the Vita and I liked the system.

SheenuTheLegend508d ago

This turned to be a fake. how can i report.

CanadianTurtle508d ago (Edited 508d ago )

Yeah right.... this is not what I call "support." Support would be continuously releasing great games over the years and not abandoning Vita owners. The 3DS also had a rough first couple years but Nintendo didn't give up and call it a "legacy system"

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Kabaneri509d ago

Next gen they should make another handheld to go along with the PS5.

kayoss509d ago

They screwed up the PSvita in regards to the PS4 remote play function. The PSVita button layout makes it very difficult or even impossible to play PS4 games. When they advertised the PSVita, that was one of their main selling point. Ps4 connections is mediocre at best. Some days it will connect with issues, some days it cant even connect at all.
If they do make one to accompany the PS5, i hope they design it a lot better.

SonyStyled508d ago

They advertised cross buy and cross save with the PS3/4. They later advertised vita as a PS4 STREAMER once Sony backed away from AAA Vita development. But if your having trouble using your vita for remote play, try using a ps vita tv to stream and use your duelshock 4. They are like $20 or less

Sgt_Slaughter508d ago (Edited 508d ago )

@SonyStyled PlayStation TV's have gone up in price due to not being available in stores anymore. Cheapest on eBay is $45 with days left to bid on it, the rest are anywhere between $70 to $140+ and they still have days left.

Chocoburger508d ago (Edited 508d ago )

@SonyStyled PS TVs are not $20 or less anymore, they have skyrocketed up in price. Used, dirty PS TVs with no controller are $100+, and brand new they are $250+ these days. :x

Edit: Sgt_Slaughter beat me by 4 minutes. :P

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CanadianTurtle508d ago

Why the fuck would anyone trust Sony with another handheld, especially after they treated Vita owners like shit?

FlyingFoxy509d ago

They supported it with some nice games at first but that was it, i wonder why they stopped? Golden Abyss was a fine example.

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Knightofelemia509d ago

Won't be long before 3.72 gets cracked wide open.

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