Ubisoft cancelled the production of Heroes

PS3-Sense writes "Last summer, Ubisoft announced that they bought the game license to make a videogame out of the popular TV-show Heroes. But yesterday they announced the production of the game is canceled."

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Cajun Chicken4053d ago

is the worst news I've heard all week. The very fact a Heroes game was in development and cancelled in the only time I've heard about it annoys me very much.
I'm shocked by the result of two of the lead writers being sacked too, UK pace, Heroes season 3 is amazing and more than makes up for the mediocre season 2 and is equally as entertaining with twists and events that the first series had.

The fact a game that I could possibly play as Sylar (would be crazy not to) is cancelled just disapoints me with the game industry. I envisioned it as a fantastic open world sandbox game, much like GTAIV but with super powers and choosing your abilities.

I guess the next best thing is inFAMOUS and Prototype now.

jwatt4053d ago

I'm actually happy they cancelled it, it's the best show in the world but I don't think in would translate well into a game. I think Ubisoft realised there are so many twist and turns in the show that they didn't know what to do. They probably had Peter's character model looking awesome then they watch the show when he lost his power and said what the [email protected]

Max Power4053d ago (Edited 4053d ago )

i for one couldn't have dealt with a poor tv to games crossover espically, with the the 2nd season debacle.