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When you think of Square Enix, space combat doesn't exactly come to mind. I think of turn based battles, and feminine leading male protagonists. While Project Sylpheed does have the latter, it's not a turn based RPG. It's a space combat simulator, and it's really not as bad as you may have heard.

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JimmyJames705143d ago

I've never heard of this game before, but now I'm interested. I'll probably get it off Goozex for a couple hundred points.

DNAgent5143d ago

I think of flops & failure. They are no longer the once great Squaresoft. Square-Enix just makes crappy games now (at least for consoles). I'm sure FF13 will end up being garbage as well (and not JUST because it's being downgraded for the 360). If someone else develops FF13 then it will have at least a better chance of not flopping.

MrWeymes5143d ago

While I don't agree with anything you just said, I giggled at the first line. I love the open zone.

Keele5143d ago

It's only crappy to you because FF13 went multiplatform and you're still sore about it.

Get over it.

thor5143d ago

No he might just have been disappointed that

Final Fantasty X-2 was absolute garbage
Final Fantasy XI was online and completely broke off from the series
Final Fantasy XII had a thin plot and a lame battle system

I think they can pull Final Fantasy back around, but I wonder if they are trying to do too much? We haven't seen any gameplay, only prerendered stuff and they are obviously creaking under the load of 3 games under the compilation - it's been quite a while since FFXII released.

truehunter5143d ago

Woow this is sad Project Sylpheed was develop by Game Arts.... Stop giving credit to S-E.
Im hoping Grandia 4 dosnt go on S-E list publish they dont have any respect anymore.

kevnb5143d ago (Edited 5143d ago )

they still give credit to mistwalker as a dev company... Pretty sure artoon developed Blue Dragon and Feel Plus developed Lost Odyssey. Sure Mistwalker produced the games, but that only goes so far.

Death5143d ago

They come up with the game concept, story line, and music and then out source development duties to other developers.

Game Arts supervised the development of Project Sylpheed by SETA which was formed by the former Game Arts employees that made the previous game in the series. Square Enix was the publisher in Japan. Microsoft Game Studios published it in Europe and North America for Square-Enix which is why their name is still on the box.


kevnb5142d ago

but how can you say Lost Odyssey doesn't feel like a Shadow Hearts game.

MrWeymes5142d ago

I never said that Square Enix developed the game. They have their name on the cover, and I'm sure that is what caught a lot of peoples interest hoping that it was an RPG when it first came out. That's all.

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kevnb5143d ago

I guess they thought North Americans might like it.

MrWeymes5142d ago

I didn't mind it. Large space breasts, a decent story and gameplay. All for the low, low price of $9.99!