Insomniac Games' Ambitious VR Game Stormland Gets a Brand New Trailer

Despite being acquired recently by Sony Interactive Entertainment, developer Insomniac Games does have an Oculus-published Rift exclusive in the works: Stormland.

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porkChop755d ago

It won't. It's fully funded and published by Oculus themselves. Oculus doesn't release their games on other platforms.

Nasdac755d ago

Still the IP belongs to Insomniac so maybe later on release is now on the table.

Darkborn755d ago

It depends on what's written in the contract. It could mention exclusive in perpetuity, or not mention a specific time frame. Only time will tell.

porkChop755d ago

That's true. We'll see. I just think it's unlikely based on none of Oculus' other games having gone to other platforms. Even all of Insomniac's other VR games are still exclusive to the Oculus store. But technically they could still work something out with Sony, so you never know.

755d ago
NiteX755d ago

I look forward to kicking ass as Johnny 5. No disassemble!

Gheritt_White755d ago

Looks like a sure way to trigger motion sickness.

rpvenom755d ago

LOL that's exactly what I thought.. I really need to work up my tolerance to be able to play this.