'Warcraft Classic' Layering And Realm Queues: Ion Hazzikostas Explains Why You're Waiting To Log In

Warcraft's game director expects server populations to drop to a tenth or less of today's mass influx.

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zodiac909832d ago

Im waiting cause the price to subscribe is alot more than it used to be...ridiculous.

Nemop832d ago (Edited 832d ago )

The price is $15 a month, everything I found says that it was $15 a month when it came out (at least in NA). Which with inflation actually makes it cheaper today, it also gives you access to live and classic, so the value is a lot higher than it was back then.

slate91832d ago

Yeah not sure what they mean, it has always been $15/month

NiteX832d ago

Yeah the price has always been $15 a month. Now they charge you tax in most states though.

PapaBop832d ago (Edited 832d ago )

Not everyone is from NA. They've raised the prices here in the EU/UK in the last 3-5 years.

zodiac909831d ago

@slate91 Do you assume everyone lives in the same place as you?? Used to be $15 in Canada, now it's $18.99. Fuck that shit.

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zodiac909831d ago (Edited 831d ago )

What country you live in?

yomfweeee831d ago

Okay we jumped the gun on responding to you... but the blame isn't on Blizzard for that. What are you waiting for? Not likely to go back down.

slate91832d ago

Never played WoW, but decided to throw $15 at this and see what the hype was about. I've been loving it.

Lionsguard832d ago (Edited 832d ago )

It would have been even better back in 2004 when everyone was still a noob and still trying to figure things out. I'm sure someone is already 60 and putting together a 40 man raid.

Absonite832d ago

You're waiting because trendy people are trying to be trendy.

Teflon02832d ago

Been looking at it, personally will just stick with FFXIV. It's the only true mmo I actually enjoy. Think they're close to the same price for sub? Think it was 12 for FF. (I buy a bunch 1 time), Maybe one month I'd pay and give it a go

PapaBop832d ago

"You think you do but you don't" and this guy is now running Blizzard lol. Probably relieved to see it do well, they needed the subscribers going by how well BFA has been doing.