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An extract from the WiiWare World review of Space Invaders Get Even:

"After the excellent Space Invaders Extreme which was released to coincide with the 30th anniversary of original arcade game of Space Invaders in 1978 it seemed that Taito had finally brought the franchise back after a series of half hearted cash-ins and remakes over the years. To further complement the rejuvenated franchise what better than releasing a WiiWare Space Invaders game where for the first time you get to play the bad guys?

The gameplay of Space Invaders Get Even is completely unlike any other entry in the series. You control a UFO with a swarm of invaders around it, and your job is basically to fly around cities, arms depots, oilfields and other places on Earth to blow stuff up. Of course the assailed Earthlings will do everything they can to stop you, because, as the game explains during an intro with a very cheesy voice-over, the invaders nearly wiped out Earth 30 years ago (which is amusingly also when the original Space Invaders was released). As such you'll have to deal with literally everything they have – Helicopters, jets, tanks, turrets, anti-air vehicles, warships, towers which shoot giant lasers, and even giant bosses! Talk about the boot being on the other foot.

Thankfully your UFO is rather sturdy. It won't be damaged directly; iwhen you take a hit some of the invaders accompanying it will die, and you'll lose some time (The UFO can only stay in the Earth's atmosphere for a limited period, hence every level has a time limit)."

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