Batman: Arkham Asylum’s Joker Explored a ‘More Complex Version of the Character,’ Says Mark Hamill

Mark Hamill: "It felt fantastic to get behind the wheel of that crazy clown car again for the 1st time since the animated series. Free from the restrictions of TV censors-we were able to explore a more complex version of the character that was more vicious & sadistic than ever before!🃏#NoJoke"

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IamTylerDurden1877d ago

Arkham Asylum is the best Arkham in the series. I know City is the popular choice, but Asylum blew me away with the incredible atmosphere.

Lighter9876d ago

::lights come back on:: Joker: Boo! Hahahahahahahaha!

AK91875d ago

The Arkham games are honestly my favourite adaptation of the Joker.