Top 10 Greatest Phrases To Ever Come Out Of A Video Game Character's Mouth


"I've said it time and time again, video game storylines suck. But that doesn't mean that the character's in those horrible storylines can't come up with pearls of wisdom (Or is it just comic gold?) when they open up their mouths. Below are, in my opinion, the ten greatest phrases to ever come out of a video game character's mouth. I'm sure I'm missing a few here, but that's what comment boards are for. So here they are, the top ten phrases ever. See if you can close your eyes and remember just how they sounded the first time you first heard them. Just don't do it while you're driving or operating heavy machinery. You should usually keep your eyes open for stuff like that."

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Counter_ACT4049d ago

Another one of these articles? How boring an unoriginal.

MidnightProwler4049d ago

Actually.. the article is somewhat entertaining. Check it out :P

PotNoodle4049d ago

I still get a shiver everytime i get to that part on MGS4 with raiden.

MidnightProwler4049d ago

One could make a whole article based solely on MGS4 quotes, but that might just be too epic for people to handle :/

Aclay4049d ago

I like Drebin's Quote: "I... HAVE ... YOU".

I think it's cool how he acts out the phrase everytime he says it:

"I (points into his eyes)..... Have (closes his fist).... You (points at Snake)".

Timesplitter144049d ago


Me too! That scene is sooo intense it's incredible!

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DiabloRising4049d ago

Videogame storylines suck? Wow. I love idiots like this, who bash gaming when it has come a long way, and arguably puts up plenty of competition when compared to the film trite of X3, Spiderman 3, or any other crappy cash in sequel we have to put up with.

The first Halo, the entire MGS series, Final Fantasy VII, Psychonauts even! Screw anyone who says games have bad storylines, they are uneducated trash.

Also... this article fails for missing the following...


Timesplitter144049d ago (Edited 4049d ago )

-A Hind D!?
-Nuclear-equipped walking tank?
-Whose footprints are these?
-Snake, do you think love can bloom on the battlefield?

Gun_Senshi4049d ago

Who are the Patriots? Are they even Humans?

ugabugaz4049d ago (Edited 4049d ago )

This article=FAIL

I mean there must be a lot better ones than that. Heck even GTA4 has some funny ass statements. For example.

Dimitri calls niko and tells him he owes bulgarin money. Niko says: The only thing i owe you Dimitri is a bullet to the temple, and do not worry, you will be payed in full.

I thought that was really awesome.

Timesplitter144049d ago (Edited 4049d ago )


There ARE some better ones, but not that one.
That article contains the most infamous. It's not about the funniest or the most epic

ThatCanadianGuy4049d ago

I'm no just an old killer..hired to do some wet work..

elorm94049d ago

Snake, you're... THE SH**

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