Editorial: Cliff Bleszinski Is Ruining Gears Of War 2


"The main problem with this scenario is that there's no reason for this well-respected designer to act the way he's acting. It's reminiscent to the way Tom Cruise burned all the buzz for Mission Impossible: III with his whole "I love Katie Holmes so much I'm gonna kill her" crusade. Just as Tom Cruise became weird and embarrassing, Cliffy B. has managed to emulate Tom's annoying and obtuse approach to product promotion. Plain and simple, these antics aren't going to help sell Gears of War 2. The game was already poised to break records, and it's already been promoted enough. What Cliff is doing will only prove to be overkill for an already over-hyped game.

When it comes time to promote Gears of War 3, maybe Epic will keep a leash on Cliff Bleszinski's mouth, or at least keep his rancid opinions embargoed until after the NPD results flood in, following the game's release. Otherwise, he could potentially hurt his own game more than the competition will."

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PirateThom4052d ago

When it comes to promoting GeoW3, maybe they'll let someone else promote it. He's embarassing.

Montrealien4052d ago

meh, seems like people are talking about it, including yourself, cinema blend and many more.

Good or bad, as long as they keep talking about it. Not like it won't sell well because of his out spoken style. It's a great game and will sell either way.

Pixel_Addict4052d ago (Edited 4052d ago )

Oh didn't you know you can't insult the golden calf of Cliffy B.

Montrealien4052d ago

to my knowledge, you can't insult anything anyone likes on the interweb....

nice try though.

Fallen_Angel4052d ago

You know this ranting never really gives any examples of what cliff said that is so wrong. It just so no name site that jumping on it cool to hate the dev of this months top game. These people are interview to death and these no named site look of ways to twist what they say to get hits cause the cant get interview. Last month it was fable 2 dev everyone was hating on the before that they were hating on the too human dev. Remember when assassian's creed came out and everyone started hating on their dev too. Sure next month they will all be hating on some new dev


Just like Peter Molyneux. The damn game was all right and the fool keep acting like making excuses for something.

I think those devs get crazy after the final run to get it gold.

4052d ago
-GametimeUK-4051d ago

Cliffy is doing nothing that will hurt sales... I dont even think most the people who GoW know who Cliffy B is

GoW will sell because its now an established franchise... EASILY GOTY 2008... An amazing experience... I feel sorry for the people who are missing out... And even more sorry for the n00bs who are in denial about the games greatness

Dareaver14051d ago

Bubbles to you. The guy rants but doesn't quote anything. I have not seen Cliffy B. say anything damaging to the success of Gears. This is just a flamebait article, and William Usher wants hits. Plain and simple.

If i were the developers of such a great game, i would be excited about it too. He is a bit cliche, but he is who he is. I sense a lot of haters are going to love this article. So they can join in on the bashing, but some people really need to grow up.

Is it wrong to be excited about your product? Not everyone has to be cool, calm, and collect. The fact that the developer is in love with his own product is a plus in my book. That shows me, in my opinion, that he/her was passionate about their product and have a real attachment to it.

But as usual, when you are a big success, you will always have haters. Leave the guy alone, and let him celebrate his and his crews success.

The real issue should be the questions interviewers are asking him. That should be the primary thing to criticize. I guess everyone wants him to be modest and say "my game is alright", please.... I'm happy he's happy.

Sorry bout the rant, but i think this is a stupid article, which can't even support their own claim. I don't need fanboys and Cliffy haters giving me links and whatever, I said "this article" doesn't give proof.

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tatotiburon4052d ago

and how is he ruining it?, this guy made one of the best game of the year, the game are selling crazy, any publicity is good publicity, and gears of war 2 outscore and outsold every holiday title. nuff said.

Bodhi4052d ago

Exactly, I remember people saying any publicity is good publicity in the LBP Qu'ran article. It applies to Cliffy B's comments too.

I guess Cliffy ruined his game because he only got 2.1 million copies of Gears of War 2 sold...

Imallvol74052d ago (Edited 4052d ago )

LBP Outscored it . . . sorry. But yes, Gears of War 2 will be the ultimate seller this holiday. It deserves it, its a GREAT game.

It's amazing how much money MS can throw into advertising. I have seen so many Gears of War 2, Banjo Kazooie, and Fable 2 commercials. It's just incredible. You want MS on your side.

PotNoodle4052d ago

Cliffy doesn't have half as much involvement as some other guys do on the development team, Cliffy is just like a rep for the game, just is involved with designing it too.

pansenbaer4052d ago

Uhh Cliff is the lead designer...and he makes sure EVERYBODY knows it. Look at the credits in the manual. First entry:


Cliff Blezinski

I'm finally somebody else realized how much of a d-bag this guy is. So what if he puts out a great game. Nobody cares about anything else he has to say.

Bangladesh4052d ago (Edited 4052d ago )

As Lead Designer Cliff Blezinski is a helluva lot more than a rep. His imagination was the seed that grew into the Gears series. He has the same job as Kojima, Myamato, Molyneux, and any other design lead in the gaming industry. From what I've seen in Gears1-2, him and his team are damn good at their jobs as well.

uxo224052d ago

Cliffy is just getting what every sucessfully person get when surrounded by haters...HATE.

Here's an idea Mr. Usher (writer of article) stop knobbing on cliffy B and find something to write about that someone actually cares about.

If Cliffy wants to promote his game, he should be able to do it, and he should be able to do it in any way he pleases. Kinda hard to say someone is ruining a game that grossed approx 2 mil sold on launch day.


calis4052d ago

Gears didn't outscore LBP.

Bnet3434052d ago

How is he ruining Gears of War 2? It sold two million in one day.

Pixel_Addict4052d ago (Edited 4052d ago )

First of all, I don't care if what he says hurts game sales. He has a big mouth. He acts as if he single handedly created Gears of War. First of all most of Cliffy B's defenders on here don't even know what he even does. What else has Cliffy B done?? Seriously, name something else as good or worth mentioning? I'll give you guys a minute...................

Yeah nothing. Alteast Kojima has been in the video game industry since the NES days AND he is STILL making great games. Maybe not everything is sucessful, but he was the handful of people who created a milestone game even back on the NES. I respect Kojima because he had reinvented what games can be in terms of substance.

Cliffy B does nothing more than play producer of a game, by the way with a huge staff of artists, animators, programmers, engineers and writers. With a large team of developers working to make Gears what it is; it seems utterly disrespectful for him to walk about as if he single handedly created Gears. He walks around and just says, "yeah I like all the hardwork you've done with that charactor model" and to another, "no I don't really like that rat-a-tat-tat sound make it sound more like rat-a-tat-tat-tat, ok great... now give me my check."

It's almost like the boss at work who just walks around all day eating donuts, gaining pounds just opening his mouth enough to complain and the he gets the bonus. Lucky for that boss his brother in-law was the manager or else he'd be selling french fries with that drink.

In my opinion Gears of War is a great game because of the art direction and the Epic studio team is behind this game. Not because of some ego maniac named Cliffy B.

He's now bad mouthed MGS4, Mirror's Edge, Resistance 2... I mean the guy just needs to shut the hell up and just keep pretending to be a man-boy rock star. Oh yeah, before you try and look so mocho holding a plastic gun, try working on those strings on your shoulders you call arms.

Gears of War 2 is a great game because of EPIC GAMES, not CLIFFY(SNO)B PRODUCTIONS. According to him, he should fire everyone and do everything himself.

lsujester4052d ago (Edited 4052d ago )

I don't have a problem with him hyping his game 4 times a minute, but his negativity towards anything NOT Gears does irritate me. He should really be a professional and actually acknowledge good work others do instead of cornholing it because it doesn't fit into his very limited taste.

Elimin84052d ago

Too bad I can't give you anymore bubbles........ Very well said.........

Pixel_Addict4052d ago

Thanks, I just shoot strait and speak the truth. Bubbles back at you.

Narutone664052d ago

said that he designed the game specifically for 15 year old kid? He liked to trash other developers while people like Ted Price (Insomniac) give credits/kudos to other developers. Kinda shows you which one is a d-bag.

TheDude2dot04052d ago

Cliffy B is a loserface. That's all you need to know.

Ghoul4051d ago

well said addict.

for me it would be enough if cliffy only ONCE would put his team before him and honor those who made gears what it is. I seen tons of great Gamedesign docs (better then gears) but his TEAM made his "rather standard" gamedesign a masterpiece of art and gameplay.

Fallen_Angel4051d ago (Edited 4051d ago )

Pixel_Addict he also did unreal wow that was so hard to think of. Maybe if you werent a retarded fanboy you realize that the 1st game system ever made wasnt the ps. Kojima hasnt made a single game worth playing in like 15 years. That d bag should really stop pretending to be a game dev and that guy should really keep his mouth shut given that he still living of the freak success of a game (not sure you can still call it a game anymore when you can play the whole game on youtube) he made 15 years ago he cant even come up with something new.

Oh and Cliff never diss mgs4 all he said was he made action games and mgs4 was a slow moving game. Idiot sites like this one take what he says and twist it to fit what they want it to say so they can get more hits. I dont know what he said about r2 or mirror edge but I'm betting it was taken out of context too and twist by sites just like this one

borgome4051d ago

You win the award for most off topic and pointless comment in the history of N4G. LBP and Gears couldn't be more opposite or different games. Plus nobody gives a sh!t about LBP. Gears is freakin awesome, go troll somewhere else [email protected]

Pixel_Addict4051d ago (Edited 4051d ago )

First of all... if you THOUGHT about your response, you would have never bothered to post it.

Cliffy B was one out of a handful of level designers for the first Unreal. I'd have to explain to you how level designers have little to do with the direction of a game and more with the functionality of it, but seeing how you know it all already...

AAAnyway, I am not saying level design has little importance, but he was a small part of a bigger team. He was NOT lead designer then, and lets not pretend that Unreal (not the multiplayer series) game was revolutionary in terms of design, story, or even art. For its time Unreal was known as a competitor to id's 3D graphic engine, something Cliffy B had nothing to do with what so ever. If you want to thank someone for the early success that sparked the Unreal series, then talk about the programmers who developed the Unreal graphics engine.

I liked Unreal and even the subsequent sequels and multiplayer off shoots. None of these things have anything to do with Cliffy B's level design contribution, which by the way was only present for the first single player game and the first Unreal Tournament. The follow up sequels of the Unreal games he produced. You know, he just hired people WITH talent and then took home a bigger paycheck.

You've lost my point in my previous article in your search to find any minuscule semantical error. My point was, by now, Cliffy B should have been in the industry long enough to develop respect for his fellow workers and other people in the industry. Kojima doesn't go around talking about how Gears of War is a one dimensional and shallow game - Take cover shoot... next wave, take cover shoot; repeat as directed. That doesn't even mean the game sucked.... I actually enjoyed it better than MGS4 at times, but both games have their issues (one is too short, other too long), but it isn't Cliffy B's place to criticize Kojima, Ted, or any other hardworking person in the industry, in such a nonchalant immature manner.

Dareaver14051d ago

What did he say about Mirrors Edge, he complained that all the previews were only showing the Parkour part, that he wanted to see more of the action sequences or when you are being chased.

Wow, "oh no he didn't", yeah that was a big major diss to the game. Please, some of you need to grow up. How'd he diss MGS4, hmmmmm... he said the game was more passive then his type of game....

Uh oh, another major diss, da*n this man is harsh. Really, that's what some of you are calling dissing other developers. Some of you seriously need to not take things so seriously.

Aren't you some of you at all curious to why the interviewers are asking him these types of questions. What's he suppose to say, every game is great and his is just o.k. Get real....

I think i hear more elitess snobbish rhetoric in here then anything he has ever said. But then again, that's just my observation and opinion.

Haters have to hate.... As Kat Williams has always stated.

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tocrazed4you4052d ago

These are sad sad days on n4g. Cliffy b news gets approved and fanboys run rampant and make up stupid articles. Than the admins can't even do anything about it...

elorm94052d ago

Seems like everything he says makes the front page...

Montrealien4052d ago

last time I checked, this is a gaming news site, feel free to ingore this article and look up articles that interest you. Not having articles like this would mean not having article about people like Ted Price, or Chris Metzen.

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi4052d ago

I thought the 'B' in his name stood for - 'Cliffy's Boys'!!! ;-D

morganfell4052d ago (Edited 4052d ago )

He is just mad because after bad mouthing the PS3, Mark (Mark Rein, Epic VP) and the rest of the senior staff made the decision to put Gears 2 on the PS3. It is already running too. Cliffy didn't like that move and now he is having to eat some STFU pie.

Go ahead and laugh. But mark these words because I will have the biggest I told you so party ever next year when the game is announced. It pays to know the right people. Of course if they knew this was me saying something they would have a fit.

I never claimed any game was coming to the PS3 unless I was sure. I have agreed some things may be inevitable based on common sense. That was different. This time I know it is coming.

AngryTypingGuy4052d ago

Morganfell, who publishes Gears of War 1 and 2? Oh that's right, Microsoft Game Studios. Keep dreaming.

CertifiedGamer4052d ago

3 will be developed and published by epic to make more money on multiplat

morganfell4052d ago

Remember that past games on t he Xbox and 360 published by MS were published on the PC by someone else.

AngryTypingGuy4052d ago

Morganfell, what games are you talking about? I am willing to bet MS is paying Epic a boatload of money to keep Gears exclusive. Any future Gears games are always a possibility to go multiplatform, but I seriously doubt Gears 2 will ever be on the PS3 since MS is publishing it.

Of course if it happens in a year, then feel free to say "I told you so".

likedamaster4051d ago (Edited 4051d ago )

It could be Microsoft owns the I.P. not exactly sure. If that's the case then it wouldn't come to the PS3, but if the I.P. is owned by Gears it could. It is a possibility. With that said, does it make u a happier fanboy now that such a great game comes to your favorite console, Morganfell?

TheXgamerLive4051d ago

This article was written by a whiny sony B1TCH boy and published by a whiny sony B1TCH boy. There's nothing wrong w/Cliff B. and everything wrong w/what sony and Co. are doing.

Sad lil girls w/nothing to do:( Awwwwww.

Sowwy wittle girls, Xbox 360 wins, always.

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