Square Enix Profit Up 14 Percent Thanks To Dragon Quest V


"Square Enix released its financial results for the first half of its fiscal year ending March 31st, 2009, reporting a 13.9 percent rise in profit to ¥6 billion ($61.8 million) on slightly decreased revenue, compared to ¥5.2 billion ($53.2 million) during the same period in 2007.

According to the company's data, its Dragon Quest V DS remake, moved 1.15 million units in Japan alone since the game debuted in July 2008."

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KingDizzi4052d ago

SE if this does not tell you to make games on the DS and Wii then nothing will.

DA_SHREDDER4052d ago

They need to make a true next gen Dragon Warrior for the 360 and the ps3. They are wasting all of our time with these mediocre 360 timed exclusive titles. I wish they would just go back to their roots and formulas that made them who they are today. I think that the company is losing its vision that started it all, and I think Japan as a whole are giving in to the casual market too much to really ever get back to where they used to be in the hardcore market. I miss the old Squeenix.

PS360WII4051d ago

Dude if you don't think DQIX for the DS isn't going to be amazingly awesome you have not played a DQ title.

CloudsEnd4051d ago

Ohh and i thought the epic Xbox Exclusives raised their sales..
but its just a NDS Port of an old game... :D

DA_SHREDDER4051d ago

but I don't think any squeenix game sold over 500,000 k. I know that they would be selling more if these games were on the ps3, but Microsoft is footing the bill for these games being exclusive, so Squeenix will be alright. Its all about business anymore. I doubt we will ever see a squeenix game that is as good or better then Chrono Trigger, Dragon warrior 4, FF7 and 10, and Xenogears. Sony should do what they can to secure those titles if Squeenix wont do any remakes of these games.

emanon884051d ago

I don't know about not seeing another good game from them. Many could argue that they hit there zenith on the SNES but they still did well and they put out some quality games on the PSX and PS2. The thing is though at the time they were just Squaresoft and Enix was another company that directly competed with them. I think that the competition that each company had was what made each company make great games. Now that they are not in competition with one another they have become complacent. Hopefully another company will be able to come to par with them in JRPGs and then we will may see a resurgence of there talents from yesteryear regardless of what console the games happen to be on.

PS360WII4051d ago

Well they really should say SE profits up thanks for DQIV and the awesome NDS ^^