The 18+ erotic visual novel “Sakura Apprentice” is now available via Nutaku

Nutaku are today very happy to announce that the 18+ erotic visual novel "Sakura Apprentice" is now available via their 18+ gaming platform.

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Simon_the_sorcerer783d ago

Well, the game looks rather good, but is it any good? I shall find out ;)

TGG_overlord783d ago

We're actually going to publish the review later today. So you could always wait until then and read through our review first.

RizBiz783d ago (Edited 783d ago )

How much tissue do you go through on average during a review?

TheEnigma313783d ago

more smut for perverts who can't get real women.

TGG_overlord783d ago

And yet there are a lot of people who make and like lewd games that got relationships.

AK91783d ago

Something tells me you've never seen real tits in your life

TGG_overlord783d ago

"How much tissue do you go through on average during a review?"

- Me? Personally? It would depend on if my gf is home or not ;)

TGG_overlord783d ago


- Yeah, you got a problem with that?

TheEnigma313783d ago

nope because it isn't true.