It's Still Unclear If Ys Net Will Continue The Shenmue Series After Shenmue III

A good starting point will be the sales made through Shenmue III, but will we see the game wrap up its narrative story?

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Blu3_Berry401d ago

They blew it when they went exclusive with Epic Games after kickstarting their project. I don't care what happens to this series.

Vandamme21401d ago

It’s seems you not a fan of shenmue.

IamTylerDurden1401d ago (Edited 401d ago )

So many games do this, particularly AA or mid AAAs that need the money. Control, Metro Exodus, you name it. Shenmue 3 didn't get a massive AAA budget, they needed the money.

Blu3_Berry401d ago

That's what their kickstarter was for. They should have asked for more money if they desperately needed it.

quent400d ago

It wouldn't exist without the backer's, not epic and they're useless store which didn't exist at the time

SegaGamer400d ago

I was as pissed as anybody that the game went to Epic as a timed exclusive, but that one decision alone doesn't mean I don't care anymore. If that one decision was enough to turn anybody off, then they probably weren't very interested in the game to begin with.

Teflon02400d ago

no, or you just aren't willing to support devs who don't even care to keep the promise they got your backing with. Even if I was a epic store user I wouldn't want to support it after that. It's fine to bring to both stores or even allow backers to redeem on steam but it's not buyable on steam for the year otherwise. But completely disregarding what you promised is a entirely different thing lmao

JackBNimble400d ago

They pissed in the faces of the people who backed them . This game wouldn't have ever existed without these backers.

CDbiggen400d ago

I agree, but I'm just gonna buy it on PS4.

Tapani400d ago

It seems you like game stores more than games themselves.

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SaveFerris401d ago

Perhaps Yu Suzuki should aim to finish the story in Shenmue 4?

HighPlayer28400d ago

Shenmue will not end even on 4. Remember this game is only 40% of the series so it might end on Shenmue 7 but who knows if Suzuki will get another funding after this game. I hope people who are real fans will get over that petty epic store issue and see the bigger picture which is the series conclusion.

ApocalypseShadow401d ago (Edited 401d ago )

The fact that we're getting three is a blessing. If we would have waited with Sega, we wouldn't have had any sequel at all. If three does well, maybe another company will help fund their next project instead of kick starters.

reaper602400d ago

Yeah,then hopefully SEGA will pull their head outta their ass and fund 4.

Juusterey400d ago

Maybe next time they'll try not to piss off their fanbase and lose a bunch of sales?

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