Ubisoft announces big discount for its flagship video games and free copy of 'For Honor'

Huge price cuts announced for Assassin's Creed Odyssey, The Division 2, Rainbow Six Siege, Far Cry New Dawn and Ghost Recon Wildlands

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Juusterey509d ago

they really are desperate for people to take for honor

porkChop509d ago

I was about to say the same thing. The game is constantly being given away for free. Might as well make it free to play.

509d ago
TheHateTheyGive508d ago

Man, humble bundle tried to give it away, epic, psplus. and now ubisoft. I tried it did not like it at all.

Pyroxfaglover509d ago

For Honor was free on Epic store already,..We also got in on PS plus,.. Doubt anyone actually buys this game anymore,.. it has been like 5 years,..

darkside4125509d ago

They are still activly updating

darkside4125509d ago

Its a great game still being updated

cluclap508d ago

Lol bruh for honor came out 2 years ago u trippin

darkside4125509d ago

For honor is quite an amazing game tbh

Bluemaster77509d ago

It's def not. Game is an unbalanced mess and its even more of a chore to play on console.

darkside4125508d ago

I have no issues playing on ps4 and i play about 4 classes it sounds like you fucking suck

Bluemaster77509d ago

I feel bad for people who bought the division 2 on or near launch. That game went on sale pretty quickly. I need Ubisoft to stop crapping these samey titles out and focus on building something of quality.

Their formula is really burnt out, and their games always lack a certain level of polish that you see from the devs and technically speaking they always suck.

TimelessDbz509d ago

Idk why you would feel bad. Anybody who wanted the game bought it already. You make sales usually 3 weeks to a month on the game to get anyone who was skeptical or showed interest in it . Just smart business.

Teflon02509d ago

Not really. Because for example. I was going to buy shadow of the tomb Raider about a month after release when I had the cash and it was like 60% off. Now they lost 60% of that cash lol. The people on the fence will buy on sale 2 month down the line. 3 weeks is way too close to release imo

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