Resistance 2 - New screenshots

Sony Computer Entertainment published some new Resistance 2 screenshots. The game will be available in Europe November 28. Enjoy.

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poopsack3632d ago

whoever doesnt have the game yet (like me) should see this games final build in action


kharma453632d ago

19 days to go 'til this is released in the UK :D Can't wait!

Asurastrike3632d ago

I would hate to live in the UK. Even games made there (LBP) are released later. :(

El_Colombiano3632d ago

Your in for one hell of a ride, I just beat the game today. A-freaking-mazing!

Nitrowolf23632d ago

i beat on my second run now

EnglishPatriot3632d ago

I want to know why they are releasing R2 so late in the UK.

ForROME3632d ago

I dont own eithier sys, yet. I played RS2 tonight, I played part one thought it was a pretty good game. I played RS2 and I am pretty dissapointed its got some awe on the bosses, for sure! Other than that ,its to along a rail for me. I guess Im spoiled by the Far Crys and Oblivion like games now. Anyways, next is to try GOW 2.

n4gzz3632d ago

Play COD5. You will prob. like that game since you liked FC2 and Fallout3. I love real style shooting games too. I can hardly wait for KZ2.
Resistance is sci-fie FPS which is not my type of game but it is just too good to pass.

theEnemy3632d ago

The retail version's graphics is much much better than one in the Demo, so if ever you're basing whether to buy it or not on the demo, then think again :D

And I have to admit though, the bosses doesn't feel like they are bosses. They are just huge. The running chimeras and the chameleons are much harder than them :)

n4gzz3632d ago (Edited 3632d ago )

I got this game on last Tuesday and so far I haven't encountered any boss yet 'coz I have been playing dang co-op and multiplayer. Already logged 1 day and 3 hrs on online part hahaha.

* Special-Ops Level 29 :D

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