Bonus Round: Online Services - Xbox Live Experience

Gametrailers takes a look at the New Xbox Live Experience and find out what Microsoft is bringing to the table

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Vespertine4045d ago

I think it's stupid you can't change the color of your clothes with your avatar. I never knew that.

Arsenic134045d ago

It makes sure that some ppl would want to start buying new clothes. Tricky tricky MS.

Fallen_Angel4045d ago

They might added it later or your right you might have to pay for it

elorm94045d ago

Miis: Now available on Xbox

But seriously, I think every Xbox owner out there can live without these cheap imitations.

outlawlife4045d ago (Edited 4045d ago )

cheap imitations?

at least avatars have hands, seriously if avatars are anything they are an improvement on the mii

nintendo hasn't updated the mii since launch, same few options of color palette changes

truth be told avatars are much better than miis, anybody who has seen them first hand can tell you that without a thought

and just like the guys in that discussion have said, nobody really cares about the avatars, it is the functionality of the new system

Lex Luthor4044d ago

Second Life: Now available on Ps3.

paskowitz4045d ago (Edited 4045d ago )

That is the hottest "editor" I have ever seen. Damn the video game industry needs more of those. Anyways, being an owner of a PS3 I can honestly say I am envious of Xbox live. Mostly the Netflix feature. That is the one thing that I really wish I had. Everything else is meh. Even though it is slowly being integrated into the PS3 I still want a fully fledged custom soundtracks. F MS and their "patent" Sony should pony up and pay royalties. After my short angry spree I remind myself that PSN is free. MS is really not making it easy for Sony. Oh well lets up this drives Sony to innovate even more.

DARKTRINITYxxx4045d ago

Was that for the Wii or the 360 ? I guess MS just cant help it. You never know maybe one day MS might come up with an idea off thier own. Ill stick with my PS3 thank you very much MS.

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The story is too old to be commented.