Xbox Interview: Aaron Greenberg Discusses Studio Acquisitions, Game Pass' Success, and Much More

Twinfinite interviews Xbox Games Marketing General Manager Aaron Greenberg on studio acquisitions, game pass, censorship, Japan, and much more.

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mrmikew201848d ago

Interesting interview, I have to say I hope MS stick to their word, because they’ve been all over the place with their message on the future of Xbox exclusives.

Also, did the interviewer find it imperative to mention the censorship in this interview?

It was so out of place it made everything seem awkward. Whatever hidden agenda he has for Sony because of the censorship enforced in some of the game released on that platform should be saved for one his ridiculous opinionated articles on his site.

There was really no reason for it to be brought up in this interview.

Abriael48d ago

No reason? Besides informing people on what Microsoft is doing about censorship, considering that they're the only first-party about which we lacked info on that front? You know, informing people is what interviews are for.

Seems reason enough to me. Lots of people care about it, and so do I.

mrmikew201848d ago

To each their own, let’s agree to disagree on this matter.

48d ago
Abriael48d ago (Edited 48d ago )

@Tekiz: Just to give you an example, Phantasy Star Online 2 has plenty of stuff that could be toned down or removed entirely for the west, especially in the costume department.

48d ago
Obscure_Observer48d ago (Edited 48d ago )

It was a great interview, Abriael! Congratulations!

You made all the right questions while also asking Greenberg about some sensitive subjects, like CENSORSHIP, which I honestly wasn´t expecting from any gaming media, big or small.

Thanks to you, we now that Microsoft´s position regarding censorship is closer to Nintendo rathen than Sony.

We know that we can expect regarding new games and announcements from first party studios at XO19.

We know now that we should put our expectations in check regarding new studios acquisitions.

We now know what the current state of Gamepass is regarding success. Amazing!

Phantasy Star Online 2 on Xbox localized is nothing but proof that Phil Spencer is hard at work trying to improve relationships with japanese devs and his trips to Japan are been productive.

It´s also nice to see they´re cautiously optimistic about Scarlett success in japanese market and it´s refreshing to know they´re not giving up on them.

Just a great interview and fun time.


Abriael48d ago (Edited 48d ago )

@tekiz both sony and Nintendo have censored or required censorship of outfits at some point (Nintendo more in the past, Sony recenty), and the Phantasy Star Online 2 example is just an example because it's the latest Japanese game they announced.

Microsoft may not get games like Senran Kagura (but that seems to be more because their developers aren't interested in developing for Xbox), but they are keen on getting more Japanese games and many of those inevitably include fanservice. So I'd say it's good to ask what their general stance is.

Also, thanks for the kind words.

Obscure_Observer48d ago


Seems to me that you´re just upset that Microsoft is not joining Sony on their censorship dictatorship.

It´s very important to know what to expect from these companies regarding censorship, specially when next generation is just around the corner, it is really good to know that Microsoft and Nintendo will not dictated on how a studio should or should not do with their games.

48d ago
Abriael48d ago (Edited 48d ago )

@tekiz: you weren't talking about instances in which Sony censored outfits and Microsoft didn't. You simply said that Sony doesn't censor costumes, which they did. For instance in Dead or Alive Xtreme 3: Scarlet sony required the censorship of some costumes which Nintendo didn't. And it certainly wasn't a matter of characters looking underage.

From what Greenberg says, Microsoft's stance appears to be closer to Nintendo's which is good to know. Unfortunately, we can't know for sure until they're put to the test, but I'd rather have a vague idea of what to expect than none at all.

48d ago
mysticpizzaman48d ago

Lol exactly. I just find it hilarious that whenever we get an interview concerning anything MS related here we almost always have some of the first comments being stuff like that. Posters questioning why there's an article/ interview or why do we need to hear from this person or whatever. Yet even today we can have another article eagerly talking about what that clown kojima is thinking or saying & absolutely don't get that sort of crap.

Where if you're not in lockstep with kissing his fudgemaker or excited about him or his work you're somehow a troll, hater & getting crucified. Give me a break. This is just as article/newsworthy as anything that clown randomly babbles on about. Probably even more so as they may have legitimately actually been asked & we aren't being to subjected to whatever turd of a thought floated into that wannabe hipster's head & flushed itself out of his mouth.

kellyanne8548d ago

PSO2 is on PS4 in Japan and it's not censored obviously. Why are you praising Microsoft and throwing shade at Sony using that as an example?

Abriael48d ago (Edited 48d ago )

@tekiz: whether Microsoft has "to deal" with games that Sony had or not is absolutely irrelevant to the utility of knowing their stance on censorship.

That's useful and interesting regardless unless you don't care about games potentially being censored, in which case, this simply isn't for you. Feel free to move along. I guarantee that there are plenty other people who are interested.

I find it hilarious that there some are getting bent on this, and It's starting to feel like a knee-jerk and very misplaced defense of Sony's position.

Incidentally, Sony didn't "have to deal" with anything. All they need to do is let game creators create the games they want to create and let the ESRB do its job without imposing arbitrary restrictions, as they have done for years without a single problem in the world, and as Nintendo is doing without a single problem in the world.

48d ago
ShadowWolf71248d ago

Sorry dude. I usually love your work, but this was mad unprofessional on your part.

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mysticpizzaman48d ago

Well if we can hop on the board & instantly see whatever passing crap that's pop into kojima's head and is currently is falling out of his mouth, we can surely tolerate an occasional article/interview like this? On the bright side we know that unlike that clown we'll at least get a break from some of this MS chatter that (for some reason I can't yet quite put my finger on) seems to bother quite a few so much here. As they don't seem to feel the need to open their mouth every time synapses start firing & they get a random thought in their head; prompting worshippers to make an article about any & all of their random thoughts every 36 to 72 hours.

rainslacker48d ago (Edited 48d ago )

If ms makes a big deal about it then the whole discussion about Sony doing it will just devolve into a console war idiotic rhetoric thing, and I'd prefer that to not happen.

Atom66648d ago

That hasn't happened yet?

rainslacker48d ago

Not as much as I would have thought it would. While there is some, most of the xbox fan boys aren't laying into Sony over the censorship policies, and most of the debate is people upset about it, and those trying to say those upset about it are pedophiles.

If MS starts in on saying how they're all for censorship free then I expect it will becomes some stupid back and forth like cross play was. All console makers have some levels of what's allowed and not allowed on the system, just Sony took it a step further.

Atom66648d ago

Haha, true. When it escalates, we'll get "Xbots are pedos" posts mixed with anti-SJW chants.

I think if anyone believes Nintendo and MS are some great protectors of art and expression, they're in for some disappointment.

I've seen a fair amount of jabs thrown at the typical defense force already, and it all seems dumb to me.

But I agree, I think few are in favor of censorship but few are affected by Sony's position right now. But when has that stopped the fanboys from fighting it out?

Oathbreaker48d ago

" Our internal studios are focused on making games for our platforms, Xbox and PC. We have a set of teams that are working on exclusive first-party games and we don’t plan to make changes to that."

MS' definition of 'all platforms' is not the same as yours.

neutralgamer199248d ago

For once allow your studios creative freedom. Don't force feed what they must work on like you did with gears studio

They had to stop their new ip to work on gears. This is one of the biggest reasons insomniac chose Sony over ms. Ms offered more money but insomniac were financially stable so they chose a little less money to work on whatever they want

Ms acquisitions are talented developers but they must be given time, resources and creative freedom
No talk must show to change the perception

Bluepoint also refused ms

Sitdown48d ago

Do you have proof of this? Especially coming off Sunset Overdrive.

neutralgamer199248d ago

Sit down

Proof is history of ms. SSOD barket sold and ms barely did any advertisement. Proof is them canceling phantom dust remaster and proof is them closing lionhead and canceling scale bound

Proof is them acquiring the rights to fears and right away work on sequels even though the new studio which was started was to work on a new IP

Proof right there

Ms made a late push for insomniac and bluepoint one Sony acquired the other Sony acquired without making a proper announcement

andibandit48d ago (Edited 48d ago )

Well it's hard to see the other side of that coin, you're simply concluding that cancellation of a project is a bad thing. Look at a game like Anthem, would I have preferred that it was cancelled years ago instead of running a full 7 year development cycle?
Bioware could have been 3-4 years into developing DA:4. Instead there are rumours of them being shut down.

Destiny108048d ago (Edited 48d ago )

if M$ bought insomniac they would be stuck making Spiderman sequels for the rest of their days

sitdown asks for proof: wait till gears of war 6 in about 2/3 years

will that be proof enough

neutralgamer199248d ago


Ms wants what Google stadia is trying to do just release their games every where and make owning an Xbox something not required to play Xbox games

DaDrunkenJester48d ago (Edited 48d ago )

Is there any proof Coalition was working on a new IP? All we saw was a cinematic trailer tech test...

Is there any proof to your Insomniac claims?

Is there any proof of Bluepoint refusing MS?

Also, all the studios that they have acquired made videos stating what was agreed on between them and MS and they all universally mention that MS wants to give them full freedom to develop without the strains of money and equipment. So unless you're calling these studios liars I'm not sure what there is to be worried about. Recently InXile was praising MS for supporting them in the final hour of Wasteland 3 letting them develop for longer, expand their studio, and make their game better with more features...

neutralgamer199248d ago

Also it's called inside information. There was a leak about ms sniffing around bluepoint few months back look it up

Sony has acquired multiple world wide studios but instead of making one giant announcement they will spread it out until the reveal of Ps5

At E3 they will drop the hammer on some stuff people don't even think is possible

DaDrunkenJester48d ago


Thanks for the link, I must have missed that. So they basically gave them an option whether to continue with the next Halo or take on Gears and it looks like we know which decision the devs made haha.

Isn't that giving them freedom? It doesn't seem like they were forced to do so.

As for the other info, there is a lot of insider info that is wrong, but I'll take your word for it since I don't mind seeing all these companies grow. It will only benefit us gamers.

Obscure_Observer48d ago


"This is one of the biggest reasons insomniac chose Sony over ms."

Sony was the company that said NO to Insomniac when they wanted to develop SSOD exclusive on PS4 but wanted to retain their IP. MS said yes, and that´s the main reason that Playstation fans might be able to play SSOD or a sequel some day. That of course, if Sony don´t force feed what they must work on, like more Spiderman games.

neutralgamer199248d ago

Yeah and isn't that ironic insomniac left Sony to try Ea and Ms and failed

Came back to remake ratchet and clank which became company's best selling game until Spiderman smashed through those numbers. Sony is right if they are going to fund they will own it

Bluepoint games have creative freedom do remaster or remake any games from sony long list of IP's

They are testing a new IP too

darthv7248d ago

The studios DO have creative freedom. They are free to make whatever they want and MS just pays the bills.

Where you been all this gen?

Christopher48d ago (Edited 48d ago )

I'm not keen on this idea that all forms of stifling creative freedom are bad. Some companies need to be reigned in at times because they try to do too much. But, people tend to use this logic when it suits their argument while ignoring other times when it's been beneficial.

I think it's lazy arguing to assume Microsoft stifled Remedy in QB rather than they supported their vision and allowed them to expand upon it and that led them to being able to make Control what it is through experience and funding from Microsoft that allowed them to develop said experience.

48d ago
Christopher48d ago

@kohox: Got them links to prove that? Proof that QB didn't want to do the TV Show? Proof that Microsoft went to them with the whole idea of the whole game and Remedy was just doing their bidding entirely?

From my memory the only thing that Microsoft said is they wanted a sci-fi game and that REmedy then went with time travel after talking to some scientists about it and whatnot.

darthv7248d ago

Kohox, QB was all Remedy. MS gave them full control over making the game. Google it if you like. MS was hoping to get a series out of it for their TV side but people shunned xbo and the game (except those that did own an xbo). So the game suffered at the hands of the petty.

yomfweeee48d ago

- You provided no proof that Microsoft made a last ditch effort to get Insomniac.
- You provided no proof about Bluepoint.
- Your proof that Microsoft forced Coalition to stop working on a new IP for Gears actually says the exact opposite. The studio was given the choice to finish their OP or take Gears. The studio chose Gears. Reading is hard right?

You provide no facts. Just ranting.

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