Modders are already working on an unofficial Red Dead Redemption Remaster for PC, first screenshots

DSOGaming writes: "Red Dead Redemption has not been released officially on the PC, however it appears that an unofficial remake is already happening. This remaster, called Red Dead Redemption: Damned Enhancement Project, will be based on the Xenia/RPCS3 versions. However, only PC gamers will be able to enjoy this remaster."

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killswitch80400d ago

until its gets shut down and they get offered a job.

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Knightofelemia400d ago

Surprised Rockstar never jumped on this clean the game up and make it shine again. They did take the time to make Bully bc with XB1 and put classic GTA games on PS4 and XB1

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Father__Merrin400d ago

Had this on ps3 many many years ago why are ppl on here always hungry for games? There always hungry and starved is humble bundle indiegala fanatical not enough?

Giblet_Head400d ago (Edited 400d ago )

"Had this on ps3 many many years ago"
Except now it doesn't look like a low resolution aliasing mess at 18-23 fps.

autobotdan400d ago

Microsoft already remastered this for xbox one x

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