Kojima Says He Didn’t Want to Make Linear Games After Experiencing The Phantom Pain’s Open World

Death Stranding developer Hideo Kojima has said that he decided to make his upcoming title an open world experience because it was hard for him to go back to making linear games after Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

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sushimama27d ago

I spent 200 hours in MGSV. Loved getting all the S-ranks. I never played the other Metal Gear Solid games, but I LOVED MGSV.

I think people are going to be pleasantly surprised when DS comes out. People are overreacting to what he has CHOSEN to enveil to the public. Just save your judgement until the game releases. Don't judge a book by it's cover. Don't judge an entire open-world game by the little specifically chosen snippets of gameplay that Kojima has decided to show us. Just relax your 'gaming outrage'. We'll know soon enough

Fluttershy7727d ago (Edited 27d ago )

I like the game too. I spent a lot of hours (for me at least), maybe 30/40/50?... didn't get S ranks in everything (I really don't see the point); I remember thinking that it was quite awesome at times, but by the end the whole experience became sour... Yeah the story is quite stupd so I agree with most people, but I think it had more to do with the game itself: everything looked the same, and basically you end up doing the same stuff almost in the same way (although you have a lot of freedom... the game fails in making you feel that you are finding your own way, so what's the point?)...In good games you have an "in crescendo" feeling, but in MGSV like each mission was super awesome, with 100 of guards and machines, and by the end I was like "Again?!!"
I enjoyed the game, but I cannot see me going back to it, ever (but I replay linear games like MGS2 and 3 from time to time and still love them, and still find new things to do)... Again When I think of it I just feel disappointment.
I hope we don't get the same kind of Open World with Death Stranding.

Taz Yamauchi27d ago

I totally Agree with Fluttershy, I played every Metal Gear Game and I always go back to them every now and then but MGSV was the only one I really struggled to finish coz it was getting into a repetitive borefest very fast. It just turned to a , Go to the same camp 50 times and rescue the same person, just with a different name and job title, bring him to motherbase and totally forget about him.

sushimama27d ago

It got a 93% Metacritic. I played for myself at the start of Last Year and it was amazing. I personally rated it a 10/10.

Vegamyster27d ago

I bought Ground Zero when it was cheap a few weeks before MGS5 came out and it got me hyped, there wasn't a ton there but the way the base was laid out, density and the different objectives gave it great replay value. Unfortunately there wasn't any areas in the final game that really came close to GZ's base, 90% of the map is fairly empty and the villages/bases were all relativity simple aside form a couple later in the game.

Chaos_Order26d ago


I was in the same boat and completely agree! I didn't play Ground Zeroes until a week before Phantom Pain launched. Before this point I was rather skeptical about the route Metal Gear was going, wasn't sure how the open world approach would translate to the MG world. Ground Zeroes really impressed me. Great level design, a sense of freedom with multiple viable paths to the goal, enough guards to keep you on edge but not so many it feels oppressive. Then there was the scene with Paz in the helicopter that had me on the edge of my seat, followed by an exciting cliffhanger. My worries were swept away and I bought Phantom Pain with assurance. And? While I didn't "hate" the game there's no denying it felt like a soulless, lifeless interpretation of the franchise. Level design wasn't great, guards just dotted about randomly, each area looks the same, story is minimal. As someone who heralded Metal Gear as one of the greatest ever franchises since I played MGS as a kid, I was taken aback by how bland the experience felt at times.

My opinion is wrong of course because metacritic. *DUNCE LOGIC* XD

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nucky6427d ago

yea. i fell into the trap of listening to the negative people. i never tried #5 until it was on ps+ for free - and i had a lot of fun with it. it's not near as bad as i was led to believe.
i'm certainly going to give DS a try - i find it hard to believe Kojima would make a game that's awful.

Welshy27d ago

A game being arguably the weakest in a franchise doesn't mean it's bad, it just means it's not as good as the others.

The ceiling of expectation in the MGS franchise is just so high that the incomplete narrative of MGSV was just never going to meet it.

26d ago
yoshatabi26d ago

I mean no one really said it was bad. They just said it was one of the worst out of the series. Doesn't mean it's bad though

Muzikguy27d ago

I put probably 200 hours into MGSV as well. Got the platinum and everything. Wasn't into the online very much, but by then I already had all those hours so wasn't worried. I find this a bit surprising myself as I would have actually thought Kojima would think the other way about open world. They're nice and all, but so are linear games. MGSV really did get a sort of "boring" after awhile. The open world was bare and the missions were very repetitive. It had me thinking about all the other open world games that were the same way. They just don't seem as engrossing. I hope DS isn't the same way and I definitely welcome any more linear Kojima titles

UltraNova27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

This is why story heavy games need to have the gamer in check, 'directed" if you like. But, as GoW demonstrated a game can be perfectly balanced with top notch gameplay and Story in a semi-open world setting.

I too thought Kojima would return back to a more linear structured setting, knowing his love for super dense/elaborate plots but it seems he actually found a way to merge that with an open world setting. Who knows what his crazy head has invented this time.

As for people worrying about lack of gameplay, while I don't blame them I also cant believe that Kojima would make a game with anything less than stellar gameplay, its just it might be a different, new approach as he already promised.

We need to forget MGS and Kojima's association with it and of course our gameplay expectations and start seeing what he sees, a new start.

rainslacker26d ago

My only real problem with open world is I tend to be a completionist, so I do all the side stuff as it comes up, which tends to distract from the story, and with the way the story is designed, means the story missions get to easy when leveling systems are involved.

Other than that, so long as the content is fun, and it's not arduous moving around the world, I'm fine with them

Endyo27d ago

I put about 140 hours in MGSV and really liked it as well.

I'm not sure what is limiting you, but you should take the time to play at least the core MGS games. The gameplay might not feel as robust as MGSV's after playing that, but they're all wonderfully put together. You could even play them chronologically - MGS3, MGSV, MGS, MGS2, MGS4.

UltraNova27d ago

*Peach walker sits right after MGSV I believe.

UltraNova27d ago


Yep you guessed it, I"m blaming auto correct.

jmtstan27d ago

honestly after playing Horizon zero dawn, i have great hope for death stranding since both using Decima engine. but reserve the judgement until i get my hands on the game.

Juusterey26d ago

While i sort of agree
what is shown if meant to be shown to get people more interested
if ti doesn't do that then it's not the fault of the public if they're not excited

TylerID26d ago

I'm with you there sushimama. MGSV is a 10/10 in my books too and has become one of my all time favorite games. Playing still to this day and probably the only game on my system I would never delete.

sushimama26d ago

I only started playing it sart of last year lol, and I was so shocked. I just fell in love with the gameplay, characters and story AND missions. I played it last year and it's a 10/10. Easy 10/10 in my eyes.

rainslacker26d ago

I thought the game was really well done in terms of gameplay, and I do believe that if the open world had been fleshed out more, then it would have been a lot better. The story wasnt strong, or complete, but other than that, it was a pretty good game

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porkChop27d ago

That's fine. I just hope the plot is more plentiful and coherent. Phantom Pain had great gameplay, but the plot was all over the place, and very obviously unfinished.

sushimama27d ago

I understood completely what was happening in MGSV. I thought the story was awesome.

27d ago
porkChop27d ago

Not being coherent doesn't necessarily mean you can't understand it. It means the narrative is inconsistent or doesn't feel whole. In chapter 1 there's quite a bit of narrative, and that almost entirely disappears in chapter 2. Chunks of plot are just missing, on top of chapter 3 being cancelled.

sushimama27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

@ Porkchop, what I don't understand is how you could dislike this game...

porkChop27d ago

First of all, review scores mean nothing. Just because most people like a game doesn't mean everyone has to.

Second, nowhere did I say I "dislike" the game. I enjoyed the gameplay and had a good time, but that doesn't mean I can't criticize the game's flaws.

Welshy27d ago


Absolute worst logic ever. "All of these people like it, therefore you must agree with them".

I'm a HUGE Metal Gear and Kojima fan, I border on fanboy at times, but MGSV is just objectively incomplete in terms of narrative. To acknowledge that isn't to "dislike" it like you forced into the other commenters mouth.

It's perfectly fine to critique things that we enjoy, the whole point of doing so is because we want the things we love to be the best they can be. If you turn I blind eye to flaws them they'll never be improved on.

CDbiggen27d ago

Haha, first time I've ever seen anyone one here try and use metacritic to prove everyone wrong. Thanks for the laugh.

Juusterey26d ago

you don't understand how he could not like a game because it has a good metacritic score?
hoigh reviews doesn't mean objectively good

TheDragonSlayer26d ago

WRONG. MGS1, MGS2 (THE BEST), MGS3 AND MGS4 all had amazing storylines with a dozen hours of cutscenes.; If you 'understood completely what was happening in MGSV" as you said then Kojima has failed. The story should be deep and convoluted, and require effort to understand. The storyline should be as long or longer than the gameplay. MGS5 failed at story completely.

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DaDrunkenJester27d ago

But for the most part... Phantom Pains open world structure was kind of bad. The world itself was empty, settlements all were similar, and that kind of structure also lent to the extremely repetitive mission design of reusing the same settlements for multiple missions.

I was not impressed with MGSV's open world.

LucasRuinedChildhood27d ago

I suppose it was his first shot at it and an open world revolving around stealth is even harder to pull off. We'll see how it pans out.

ZombieGamerMan27d ago

LucasRuinedChildhood not an excuse. This isn't the PS2 days where no one knew what an open world game looks like what can it have etc. GTA V was already 2 years old by the time TPP came out AND Ground Zeroes did the open world structure better by having interesting locations and had varied missions.

Kojima just focuses too much on the wrong things, and looking at his latest footage with piss action gameplay I'd say nothing's changed

Rude-ro27d ago

They had to, for this first time, make an open world engine.. and who knows what it would do if they had time to improve etc...

Now, the engine he is using, is fully designed and well experienced with with horizon zero dawn.
Ie he does not need to focus on building the engine AND the game.

I do agree that his first attempt was flat...
So it is nice to know this is his second open world game with lessons learnt

Movefasta199327d ago

Exactly what Zombie said, ground zeroes did it better by giving you a large sand box making it more focused, larger environments that are empty is a huge no.

TheOptimist27d ago

Isn't that what Death Stranding looks like? I mean from the gameplay reveals, all we see are huge beautiful landscapes of emptiness, probably having buildings like the one where the babies are kept. BRIDGE.

DaDrunkenJester27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

Yes, hence why I keep stating my hesitation about the game. I'm absolutely intrigued by the story, but I keep wanting to see more gameplay because of these reasons. MGSV, while it had some great and varied options on how to attack missions, got very boring and repetitive.

Plus, I don't think DS is even going to offer the same amount of gameplay options as MGSV did... but yeah, hopefully the gameplay reveal at TGS gets rid of these worries.

xX-oldboy-Xx27d ago

They haven't shown any cities/settlements yet. The closest we got was when HIGGS is interrogating Leah Seydoux (?). The scene when Sam is walking through an abandoned building.

The game is about connecting cities - fair chance we'll see some varied locations.

-Foxtrot27d ago

Yeah least someone said it

MGSV is the worst main MGS game in the series and the open world choice was a bad idea, he didn't do it correctly and should not have been praised for it with all the almost perfect reviews. He screwed up.

DaDrunkenJester27d ago

Indeed. Also the fact that the story was bad, and not even finished... I cant understand how it got such high scores.

Veneno27d ago

Not to mention MGO in MGS5 SUCKED!!!

Movefasta199327d ago

They should have wnet the ground zeroes route, a large sandbox with objectives and then move to a new loaction like mgs4.

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King_Noctis27d ago

Sadly this is one of the few games out there that don’t deserve that high score, at least IMO. The opening mission was awesome, I enjoyed every bit of it. But then the game started to fall apart as soon as the open world element comes into play.

I blame this more on Konami rather than Kojima himself.

sushimama27d ago

Bad is it? Geez, is it like popular or something to hate on this awesome game?

DaDrunkenJester27d ago

Yeahhh I'm not one to say games are overrated, but there is no way in hell MGSV is a 93. Bland open world, bad unfinished story, terrible online component, repetitive mission structure... how can you give that a 9 or higher? That's craziness and the absolute proof that Kojima gets preferential bias.

IamTylerDurden127d ago (Edited 27d ago )

I don't think anyone was expecting The Witcher 3's open world. It was the first try, and designing an open world around stealth is probably quite difficult. Death Stranding is a different game and the open world appears to fit the style more naturally.

I know people will take this article as another opportunity to trash Hall of Fame designer Hideo Kojima and to vent frustrations over Sony exclusivity in a passive aggressive manner as they attack his critically acclaimed hit (tho admittedly flawed) in an attempt to discredit upcoming project Death Stranding, but open/semi open worlds are becoming the norm. I enjoy both linear and non, but you see many developers transitioning away from linearity. It's totally understandable what Kojima is saying, we know MGSV was a game with certain flaws (as well as strengths) but the whole "MGSV is the worst shit ever" argument is tired as fuck. It was a unique situation as far as tye open world implementation in a beloved stealth franchise, it wasn't the game's strength, but Death Stranding while it retains some of the spots is a different animal. I look forward to journeying throughout Death Stranding's unique interpretation of an alternate United States (or Cities) and look forward to Death Stranding as it isn't just a game, it's an event. Kojima has an immaculate track record and he is finally unchained and delivering a new IP with the best Publisher in the industry. Win, lose, or draw i have loved every single piece of content Kojima has released regarding the game and i am all in, day 1. People should honestly be celebrating this more, and attacking it less. This is the creativity and freedom we ask for yet certain people just want to criticise. We need these gambles, it's important. Unless you want a world devoid of creative risk and nothing but Battle Royale and safe, cookie-cutter bullshit.

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Myst-Vearn27d ago

MGSV isn't a true open-world.

PS4Gamer198427d ago

And the irony in all of this is his best games have been the linear MGS games (1-4) and his absolute worst game was the Phantom Pain.. Go figure.

The Phantom Pain is the absolute prime example of when a developer cares more about marking a big game as opposed to a GOOD game.

27d ago
Veneno27d ago

Need at least 7 more URLs til I'm convinced.

sushimama27d ago

hahaha I don't have it in me xD

26d ago
Welshy27d ago

God damn @Sushimama, share that meta critic some more.

I'm a huge MGS/Kojima fan too, but if you don't point out the flaws in things you love, they'll never improve.

SamPao27d ago

yeah its fine to point out flaws but there is a reason why people really enjoyed mgs5 and thats just what it is

Welshy26d ago (Edited 26d ago )

I have more than 200 hours on MGSV, so why are excluding me from the bracket of people who enjoyed it? it's safe to say I enjoyed it, but it doesn't mean i can't point to flaws in it vs the previous games. Especially in the story and set piece department.

I just don't understand this weird position people take that a game is what it is and you either have to love it and never criticise it, or critique it and be told that you don't like it.

They reasonable middle ground us to enjoy a game a as much as you can, love it even, but still provide constructive criticism so any weaknesses hopefully don't appear in that devs next game.

Shane Kim27d ago

The gameplay was fine. Yes it could be boring and repetitive but almost all games are after +100 hours. The story however was a big dissapointment.

DaDrunkenJester26d ago

Oh it got repetitive and boring wayyy before 100 hours... you repeat the same damn bases multiple times just in chapter 2.

garos8226d ago

i disagree, to me his worse game is MGS4 from the lot. MGS V i had more fun in that

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