PSP Homebrew: More DaedalusX64 screens: GoldenEye 007; Ocarina of Time back up to R13 speeds


"Meanwhile, Kreationz dropped by the same forum thread and elaborated more on GoldenEye's special kind of rendering. It also looks like he's working well into Alpha 2 and 3 now:

Actually the speed difference is going to be an indoor vs outdoor thing, for out door rendering 007 uses a special cache method that's difficult to replicate on the psp, but rest assured CM the Alpha 3 won't have the slow downs of alpha two as the changes are now menu selectable... Also been slowly finding tiny bit here and there so it may be even faster than Alpha 1 was. For instance Zelda OoT is back up to R13 speed with better texture support and working on a way to make it faster."

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