10 Years Later: ‘Batman: Arkham Asylum’ Is Still The Apex of Comic Book Video Games

Batman: Arkham Asylum was the twenty-first-century masterpiece that revolutionized the video game adaptation genre through its phenomenal voice cast, character diversity, challenging detective work, and gothic setpieces.

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Apocalypse Shadow27d ago

Not anymore. Unless you love bats over spiders, then there's a new apex.

DeadManMMX27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

Spider-Man wasn’t better all the side content is garbage that actually takes away from the game. Chasing pigeons doing environmental projects for Harry. Fixing steam pipes even Todd himself admitted it they made mistakes there. All the side content in the Arkham games added to the game. For that i give it the nod because both have great campaigns.

TheKingKratos27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

Really ?!
I love all batman games but what Riddler side missions add to the gameon top of my head ... all the side challenges and Batmobile what did they add to the game
I'm not saying Spiderman was any better both had their faie share of crap side missions that add nothing
I love them both for their different strength ...and can't wait to play more of the best superhero games of all time

RabbitFly27d ago

@TheKingKratos we are talking about asylum not knight. Get your games straight

CorndogBurglar27d ago

Spider-Man basically was Arkham with a Spider-Man skin...

ThatArtGuy27d ago

Combat was different enough. The spider-sense slow down actually made sense in this game too.

CorndogBurglar25d ago (Edited 25d ago )

lol 25 disagrees. haha. Can't we just stop being Sony fanboys for like one conversation? I love Sony too. I own a PS4, PC, and Switch. But lets open our eyes for a minute.

The only thing that makes Spider-Man better than the Arkham games is that its newer and improved on some things, like having citizens in the streets, for instance.

But lets not pretend for an instant that combat, the open world setting, quests, side quests, and general set up of the entire game is exactly like the Arkham games, all the way down to adding gadgets, which Spidey is absolutely NOT known for using outside of his Spider-Tracker, Web Shooters, and Belt Light (a long time ago). But almost all the gadgets in the game were totally made up.

Its perfectly okay too. Thats the thing. Lots of games take inspiration from other games and improve on them. it doesn't make them bad in any way.

Razmiran27d ago

Spider-Man was good
But the story was not as compelling, and the gameplay was not as tight

Killustrious27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

Gameplay not as tight? I don't know if you've played the Arkham games recently but the gameplay is pretty clunky compared to Spider-Man. I can agree with the story part but it's not like Spider-Man's story was lacking or anything, the narrative was one of the best parts about it.

TheKingKratos27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

Gameplay not as tight?!

And lol spidy Story was by far the best along with Arkham Origins and Asylum in superhero genre

RabbitFly27d ago

Gameplay is much tighter in the arkham games by design. They are much much harder to master, especially asylum, because they require the player to be much more precise.

Combat in spider-man is much more free flowing. I love it, but it is definetally looser. No doubt about it. Still tight though.

Razmiran26d ago (Edited 26d ago )

Yes, the gameplay was not as tight. Mary jane parts sucked, so did miles parts although a bit less.
Also, bossfights sucked.
Story was good, just not as good.
Stop being delusional

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goldwyncq27d ago

I'm a Spider-Man fan but the Arkham games are still better.

darthv7226d ago

No doubt spider man is really good but... it's like spider man 2 but on steroids. When Batman AA came out, it felt like a proper batman game. Batman begins on xbox was sort of the precursor to AA and you can really tell it had some influence on Rocksteady. Just like you can see games like Ratchet and Clank and Sunset overdrive had some influence on Spider man for PS4.

I can enjoy both games for their improvements to their character. There is no need to call out one over the other. Spider man is the cream of the Marvel gaming side and Batman AA is the cream of the DC gaming side.

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generic-user-name27d ago

Asylum was definitely the high point in the Arkham series, I liked the others too, but Asylum was *Italian chef kissing fingers*

Flewid63827d ago

Each one was better than the last for me. And I bought Origins a few years after all the bugs got ironed out so my experience with it was also great.

yellowgerbil27d ago

Still consider the xmen arcade game the best. Especially as nightcrawler

darthv7226d ago

The four player brawler, not the one on one fighter... right? I still play that on my modded xbox.

Donnie8127d ago (Edited 27d ago )

It’s very good no doubt but I might argue Arkham City is by far the best comic book game ever made. Just so much stuff to do. If anyone thinks Spider-Man is on the level of Rocksteady's work you are absolutely kidding yourself.

Agent_00_Revan27d ago

As good as the open world Batman games were, I still prefer Asylum for it's tighter narrative. It felt more real to me. Which I know is weird to say when talking about a comic book game. I remember when they were promoting the game, Rocksteady kept said "It's about the worst day and the worst night that Joker can put Batman through." and it really nailed that feeling.

anonymousfan27d ago

I preferred arkham city but I gotta say open worlds are overrated

Pennywise13827d ago

Asylum also came at a time when not only was the market starting to see a flood of open world games, which Arkham city did, but also at a time when we weren’t getting a lot of Metroidvania style games. Especially not in triple A 3D form.

darthv7226d ago

Have you played batman begins on the original xbox? It is very similar to AA. I believe Rocksteady even said that game helped influence AA.

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