DICE Says They Hit “Rock Bottom” With Battlefront 2 Loot Box Controversy, Player Sentiment Rising

DICE says that it hit "rock bottom" in player sentiment due to the Star Wars Battlefront 2's loot box controversy but it's climbing back up now due to the game's post-launch support.

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22d ago
-Foxtrot22d ago

2 years post launch support to get it to a place where it's "alright" is nothing sorry to say

Sure it's nice you've supported it but you guys didn't have a choice really and considering the other shit storms after Battlefront II it's clear you guys and EA haven't learnt a thing.

excaliburps22d ago

I think EA and DICE as a whole learned (the hard way) that they can't pull the shit they want when it comes to MTX. Battlefront 2 is in a good place right now, though, which is commendable. Sad to say, BF5 is not. I have no clue what DICE was thinking with BF5.

Prince-Ali22d ago

How could that possibly be true with the missteps EA have taken with MTX and launches of games... They haven't learn anything!

MWH22d ago

What hard way? The mofos haven't learn a thing, they will always have it their way and then sweet talk people because you know, people's memory is shorter than their fangs.

UnholyLight22d ago

I tried and tried and tried but I gave up on BFV. Really disappointed in DICE and that game.

Majin-vegeta22d ago

BF V is about to make a turn around also.

UltraNova21d ago

No. EA (Dice included) haven't learned a thing. Proof of that is the whole "Surprise Mechanics" bullshit. You see when someone truly learns from their mistakes they own it, they don't come up with new words to hide behind their actions. EA is the Cancer of this industry and anyone who believes that their employees (Dice) aren't infected are sorely mistaken.

Case in point specifically about Dice - After Battlefront 2's clusterf*** of a launch they learned jack shit as proven by their whole stance on BFV's fan reception and criticism a year later.

EA...what a f****** joke.

Silly gameAr21d ago (Edited 21d ago )

I tried with BF5 too, but it's just not fun, and it takes forever to unlock anything. I keep going back to BF4.

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Nitrowolf222d ago

I don’t have much faith in EA, if at all.

I feel every-time this happens the devs “learn” only to fall short again. I don’t care what devs from EA say or people saying it’s all the devs fault, anything EA touches this gen has gone to sh1t

Father__Merrin22d ago

EA are only doinf it because players make purchases its as simple as that

Nitrowolf222d ago (Edited 22d ago )


That’s the whale mentality. There’s a video of a studio explaining that they aren’t out to get the small fries but the whales that like spending. It’s pretty gross, and I’m sure that’s why MT just keep getting pushed harder and harder.

Toubabo_koomi22d ago

Coming from a die hard bf enthusiast, I feel like a Vietnam release would be an amazing game if they made it the way I know they can. Anyone else recall the Vietnam expansion from the bad company 2 days? That was my shit!

sprinterboy22d ago

I horrifyingly bought ea access for £3.99 to try battlefront 2, anthem and bf5 and I have to say after 4 hrs of anthem it's crap. You can tell it doesn't know what it's trying to be. Battlefront 2 same crap and bf5 is a love hate relationship.
Have I got my £3.99 worth out of ea access yes but thankfully saved £150 if I'd bought them at launch

nirwanda21d ago

Story mode in battlefronts pretty good, I bought ea access for everything else as I already had battlefront in a sale.

indysurfn22d ago

Maybe we as gamers need to stop just saying EA has not learned. And say WE have not learned. They say the same thing so we will buy the next game.

Reefskye21d ago

It's all EAs fault DICE don't deal with the MTX side EA has a team for this Andrew lootbox Wilson is the only person to blame, he started EA on the MTX path, from executive producer of FIFA to the CEO of EA because he turned a in game currency feature in FIFA 09 to a paid for feature in FIFA 10 and onwards.

If you do your research all loot boxes lead back FIFA and Andrew Wilson

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zero_jp22d ago (Edited 22d ago )

If they hit rock bottom with Battlefront 2 then they’ve hit the earths core and are burning in magma with Battlefield 5 which is absolutely boring!

I can’t even tell that I’m in WW2 with all of the mostly forgettable map locations from irrelevant battles that no one has ever heard of. And don’t even get me started on the abysmal post launch content and on going bugs that the game has.

DICE has lost their way with this one. I’m not even sure that the Pacific content coming this fall can even save it. But as far as Battlefront 2 goes they definitely righted that ship and it is a blast to play.

battlegrog22d ago

i love ww2 but bfv does not look like ww2

21d ago
22d ago
Bluemaster7722d ago

Dice needs to start doubling down on the quality of their games. Loot boxes aside the game play of their recent releases have been so flat. Beginning with battle front 1. The games are just so boring to play and everything is stiff and without polish.

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