Star Citizen Gets New $675 Mine-Layer Ship With Features That Are Not In Game

Star Citizen is one of the largest crowdfunded video games of all time. The developers of Star Citizen also keep introducing new ships, one of which has features that were never officially announced.

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bishup2553d ago

you were never going to play this anyways.
what difference does it make...

Godmars29053d ago

Neither will anyone else. The full game that is.

Honestly, given a near $700 single game asset, what real incentive does the dev have to offer this as a finished retail product at a reasonable price? A reasonably priced subscription service even.

SolidGamerX53d ago

Whats it matter if he was or wasn't how can anyone in their right mind defend this, the game is an absolute scam.

nyu153d ago

"Honestly, given a near $700 single game asset, what real incentive does the dev have to offer this as a finished retail product at a reasonable price?"

You mean like you can get it right now for $45 ?

"what real incentive does the dev have"

If the game were more finished that it is now, tons of people would be playing it, and they'd be making a killing off ship sales because it could still very well be alpha. The game is so bare right now because they're struggling to make a very ambitious game. That's it. There's no universe where not finishing features is better for them, in terms of anything (including money).

Godmars29052d ago

You literally say it yourself: $45 for the alpha version of a game, when they're making 15 times that on a virtual item that's again incomplete. If they're actually doing that, insisting people pay for the "privilege" to pay even more for something in a bare bones state, I have to ask again, where is the incentive to ever finish? To pack up and vanish with the game never finished should the pool of "donors" willing to drop $700 for nothing dries up?

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FishTank53d ago (Edited 53d ago )

"Scam Citizen"
"Scam Citizen"
"Scam Citizen"
"Scam Citizen"
"Scam Citizen"
"Scam Citizen"
"Scam Citizen"
"Scam Citizen"
Squadron 42 - IGN 9.3/10
"pfffff" you what mate? "

nyu153d ago (Edited 53d ago )

Scam that requires 500+ employees to work for years. It is a great scam for sure.

These ship sales are what funds the development you dolts. If you don't like that, fine, but it is what it is - a massive budgeted project that rides on ship sales like these. Funny thing is with all these sales they're still probably burning through their cash faster than they're bringing it in.

shaggy230353d ago

They are burning through the cash because the lead designer is a control freak, he micro manages over every little detail multiple times.

This game is supposed to have loads of solar systems etc. There was an article earlier this year that said they hadn't even finished one.

T1125P53d ago

This game if and when it "officially" does release will never live up to the hype. This is like Duke Nukem Forever, when it finally released it was crap.

AnubisG53d ago (Edited 53d ago )

I think this is worst. They did not leave DNF in develipmemt to rip people off for as long as possible. Almost $700 for a single ship on the game? That's beyond EA level greed.

Brave_Losers_Unite53d ago

This isn't Duke Nukem Forever. They had shit developers for it.

psuedo53d ago

They're just riding the production crowd funding as long as they can practically just making it a MMORPG rather than a full game. Years after they don't have anymore whales they will released the "final product."

CobraKai53d ago

I’d rather crowdfund Unicron.

cheapness153d ago

Weird how the public test release of the 890J isn't mentioned but a concept sale is...pretty sure the 890 cost more than this when it was in concept sale stage.

In ref to it having features that weren't announced, they're having mines etc. in Squadron 42 (single player part of the project) which means they kinda roll over into Star Citizen (MMO part) when they're complete.

There's loads of stuff to make a fuss about in Star Citizen's development this concept sale is near the bottom of the list.

Also an article that uses a Reddit post by some random user on r/gaming as a pretty rubbish.

If you want to hate for hits go for is, but full disclosure I backed ages ago and the biggest thing was walking around a hanger imagining what it would be like to fly the spaceships. From then to now (which has been ages) flying around the first almost complete system, with a few missions/trade/bounty hunting/mining implemented, seamlessly is pretty crazy, despite the "hey it's alpha!" amount of bugs.

As I said you can critique how they've gone about stuff but what they've produced so far is still pretty impressive.

shaggy230353d ago (Edited 53d ago )

So it's been what, 7 years? And they dont have one complete star system?

How many is this game supposed to have when its released? Two? Three? Hundreds?

At this rate this game wont be released this or even the next decade.

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