Quantum Break is Remedy's most fascinating work to date

Quantum Break is at once simpler and more confounding than any Remedy game that preceded it. It's simultaneously a throwaway action shooter, a well-meaning but ill-judged experiment in cross-media, and one of the most visually arresting games ever made.

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Spurg627d ago (Edited 627d ago )

Indeed, it's an underrated gem.
Playing this game and reading every title nuance of detail makes this the story even better. This is a title that truly makes makes video game story feel alive rather than
One of the downside are the lack of consequences on the TV show. And also the combat was stellar but they didn't have enough skirmishes in the campaign to fully experiment with the time powers.

Vasto627d ago

Totally agree,

The control can sometimes be a bit clunky but overall this game is really good.

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XtaZ627d ago


Lol, how stupid are you? Even if Sony buys Remedy you won't get Quantum Break on PS4 because MS owns the IP.

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Vasto627d ago (Edited 627d ago )


But who does that? For over a year?

Sorry but thats not normal to have that many accounts on this site and WTF is he PMing me?

I agree about the part of I must have done something to piss him off. LOL

BLizardXD627d ago

"Quantum Break is Remedy's most fascinating work to date"

it's probably their most worked on game yet. technically and budget wise.
Alan wake was also a looker too. with well animated environments.
for as much as you can say positive for one game over the other, the other game is not much that far apart.
Alan Wake and QB each have good qualities.

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XtaZ627d ago


I believe you when you say the shawshankred-guys is stalking you on multiple accounts. I just got this message from him out of the blue as a response (i guess?) to my other comment here. lol.

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ziggurcat627d ago

Yeah, it's a better game that the reviews give it credit for. I played through twice to get both sides of the story, and it was a lot of fun for me both times.

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babadivad626d ago (Edited 626d ago )

Yeah, I couldn't believe how much the reviewers were killing this game. It was a genuinely good time.

NarutoFox627d ago

Umm actually I think Alan Wake is. Can't wait to play Alan Wake 2 in the future.

babadivad626d ago

Only thing holding this game back was the traditional and admittedly dated "Classic Remedy" control scheme. The character just moves so unnaturally. He moves like a PS2 era Max Payne.

Also, this game requires you to read A LOT(which I don't mind actually) to really understand the nuance of what's going on in the store. The issue is the email streams you read are always in reverse order meaning you have to scroll all the was to the bottom before you start reading. The quasi-required reading is also never narrated either. Again, for me this isn't a problem but I can see how this is can be a HUGE turn off for a lot of people.

My brother loves games like this but I know for a fact he wouldn't be interested in all that reading.

Still one of my favorite games of the entire generation. My jaw dropped at the twist 3/4 through the game. One of the few games that had a twist i genuinely didn't see coming. Was pretty heartbreaking. I NEED to see a sequel.

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TheHateTheyGive627d ago

This is the 1st game i been playing since i got my xboxone, very underrated game.

Juusterey627d ago

Is this the game that was advertised as being half tv show?
Then people got mad when it was half tv show?

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343_Guilty_Spark627d ago

I thought it was better than Alan Wake

NarutoFox627d ago (Edited 627d ago )

Quantum break better than Alan Wake. Denial is definitely kicking in 😂. I remember when Xbox fans said Alan Wake was Remedy best game on social media and one of Xbox best exclusive. Funny how that all changed.

chiefJohn117627d ago (Edited 627d ago )

Alan Wake always been overrated to me

NarutoFox627d ago (Edited 627d ago )

Angry Joe's review on Quantum break was spot on and I totally agreed with him.

343_Guilty_Spark627d ago

Your father would beat you if you didn't agree

Lon3wolf627d ago

Great and loads disagree with him and you, AW was great QB was a better game in lots of ways , only one poster in denial here.

NarutoFox627d ago

I just thought Alan Wake was a lot better especially in story.

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babadivad626d ago

So did I. Alan Wake was great but it felt like a rip off of "The Dark Half" by Stephen King. Quantum Break felt like it told a unique story.

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