Techgage: Smooth Creations Smoothbook Slice review


"The paint job most definitely does not justify the nearly $150 markup. In the end, this review is really about the MSI Wind. The MSI Wind works well, with a few issues. The Smoothbook Slice is a designer product, and changes the exterior to appeal to the consumer. If this is what the consumer wants, it's a great selling-point. For those concerned with performance, the paint is unnecessary, and the markup is a waste of time. The latter individuals should purchase the MSI Wind.

Eventually, it all comes down to the paint: is it worth $149? For some it may be, for others not. The Smooth Creations Smoothbook Slice is definitely a luxury computer, like most of the computer products Smooth Creations sells. Owning the Slice is making a statement, like owning a Hummer. While you don't need the unique appearance, you can pay for it, and you aren't afraid to. With many different paint jobs, customized to the user's personality, the Slice is more than the MSI Wind in that it shows who you are. For those who can do that without spending an extra $149, the MSI Wind is more down your alleyway."

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