Why Death Stranding starting on 'full Kojima' is worrisome

With Death Stranding's release right around the corner, let’s consider exactly what players are anticipating with Kojima's new game and how its unique gameplay could be overshadowed by its enigmatic creator.

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IRetrouk402d ago

I'm not worried in the slightest, I like his games, I also like not knowing every single detail about games I'm looking forward to, general idea, some gameplay and I'm good🤷‍♂️ this sudden need to know every single thing about the game is crazy to me.
I'm happy to go in with the mystery surrounding what kojima and his team has created, did the same with zoe and metal gear, and most other games to be honest, plus he confirmed already that gameplay will be shown at tgs, these worry articles are a bit premature.

RememberThe357401d ago

I completely agree, but I think people want to get an idea of what this game even is and instead Kojima's been deliberately esoteric. I don't need to see anything more than I already have to get it day one, but I get why people are still skeptical.

savedsynner401d ago

If this were a souls game, where everyone kind of knows the formula, i'd agree, but this is the first we've seen Kojima completely unshackled from Konami and we know almost nothing about the gameplay other than it looks like a walking simulator.

IRetrouk401d ago (Edited 401d ago )

We know more than it just being a walking simulator, if that's all you have chosen to see thats on you, there have been other snippets of gameplay to know it's not just a walking sim🤷‍♂️

IRetrouk401d ago

I understand people want to see some proper gameplay stuff, that's all well and good, I have no issues with that, it's the ones using that as an excuse to downplay the game or saying it's going to be this or that based on the same stuff we have all seen that I'm really getting at.
The likes of it's a walking sim, yet we have seen the bike, some traversal, some first person action, some 3rd person combat, or its barren, we have seen one area, two at most if you include the snow, knowing kojima it's the same area lol, loads of downplay on a game that's not even been fully revealed, I just dont get it🤷‍♂️

indysurfn400d ago

I think it is a matter of most people like 'dark and disturbing' games, and other don't. So I also can see the ones that don't, getting turned off by these reports of the kind of game it may be.

abstractel400d ago

I'm very worried (with what kind of games I like). All the traversing, the ladders, having to take a nap, rock the baby if it's upset, piss etc. That stuff looks incredibly boring.

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thorstein401d ago

I agree.

"But gamerevolution needs clicks so this story was posted deriding a much loved developer. If you criticize the story, you'll be called a fanboy and downvoted by our staff,"

sincerely, Gamerevolution.

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rainslacker401d ago

I'm not worried either. I don't have expectations beyond it being a game that delivers Kojima's typical brand of weird. I'm a fan of his, and if people aren't, that's fine. They just get too uppity about stating how much they dislike him, as if it matters.

Knushwood Butt400d ago

Agree with IRetrouk

Which just reminded me, I still have ZOE VR for PS4 unopened. Must fire that up.

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NarutoFox402d ago ShowReplies(3)
IamTylerDurden1401d ago (Edited 401d ago )

I'm really looking forward to Death Stranding and the prospect of Sony and Kojima working together is exciting.

It's odd how people act like they want new creative ideas and they talk about how terrible it is when publishers like EA or Konami suppress creativity or oppress creators, but now we are actually getting a beautiful publisher/creator relationship with unadulterated freedom from one of the leading lights of our generation and all i see are these ridiculous articles about Kojima needing to be reeled in well before we even fully know what the game is. It's so premature, as if certain people want the game to fail. We should be celebrating a new IP and new relationship from a legendary creator especially in the aftermath of the Konami situation. It's sad to see all the negativity and misplaced anger. This is exciting, it's good for the industry and Death Stranding looks awesome.

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savedsynner401d ago

Perhaps because the gameplay so far looks like a walking simulator?

TheSaint401d ago Show
pietro1212401d ago

Not really considering there has been footage that showed more than just walking

UltraNova401d ago

I'd take a "walking simulator" over a "promise simulator" any day.

IRetrouk401d ago (Edited 401d ago )

Yeah apart from the bike, the 3rd person combat, the ladder and rope, abit of first person, some obvious shooting, and references to weapons... we have seen way more than just walking, plus we still know nothing of the other side...

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harmny401d ago

I spend money on anything Kojima touches

SamPao401d ago

that game was awesome!

Segata400d ago

SamPao pietro1212

Agreed. I just wonder how many people supported it as many times I see people say they support everything Kojima did. That is one thing I often see skipped over.

BlackTar187400d ago

i didn't know he had anything to do with it but then again I never played Gameboy Advanced very often and probably didn't own one until it was basically out of support by Nintendo.

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fastNslowww401d ago

I think people need to keep in mind that Hideo always wanted to be a film director.....gameplay isn't his specialty.

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Imalwaysright401d ago

What? Please watch this and those that say that MGS5 is a mediocre game or that it wasn't deserving of the scores it got should watch this video as well. MGS5 is as close to gameplay perfection as you're going to get.

DaDrunkenJester401d ago (Edited 401d ago )

Lol if you honestly feel that then I'm not sure you live in reality. Bad enemy vision cones, predictable enemy patterns, enemies dont even try and reverse cqc... plus this is Ground Zero which was infinitely better than the actual full game because it didnt have such a boring empty world, unfinished story, repeated settlements etc.

Yes, the amount of freedom and options the gameplay offers is fantastic, but to say MGSV is gameplay perfection is nonsense.

Edit: plus to add to that the actual animations for MGS in general have never been great.

Imalwaysright401d ago (Edited 401d ago )

I don't give a crap where do you think I live in. I stand by what I said until you find me a game that did stealth better, was as mechanically fluid and gave you as many options as MGS5. I'll be waiting for you to show me a stealth game that did better gameplay wise.

As for the open world, I realized fairly soon that MGS5 was never about it and was all about infiltrating bases. That's MGS5 strenght and that's why I played it wich is why I couldn't care less about how empty and static MGS world is. If the game was about exploration I would consider it a big negative but it isn't so again, I don't care. Also, I didn't say anything about MGS5 story.

" the gameplay offers is fantastic"

DaDrunkenJester401d ago

It's all about infiltrating the same locations over and over lol it got so boring.

You know what other stealth game did it better? Just about any other MGS game, chaos theories, dishonored series, Deus Ex, Thief, Hitman...

I mean come on, you can have all the options in the world, but if your missions just repeat on the same map or settlement over and over then it gets boring really fast. Having a massive amount of options doesnt make your gameplay good.

Imalwaysright401d ago

"You know what other stealth game did it better" Better what? Gameplay? In what way did those games did gameplay better?

"Having a massive amount of options doesnt make your gameplay good." Doesn't make the gameplay good if they are mechanically flawed or if they don't add anything to the game.

" but if your missions just repeat on the same map or settlement over and over then it gets boring really fast" Uh? I remember quite a few locations to infiltrate and having many options kept the gameplay loop fresh and fun for more hours than it takes for me to finish the vast majority of games. As someone that values gameplay above everything else I most certainly got my money's worth.

rainslacker401d ago

I got the platinum for the game, so I don't need a video to tell me that the game was good.

It had flaws, but the game play was about as close to perfection as one can get. Usually games that have lots of options in game play make most of them pointless to use. but in MGS, all of them were well balanced and useful. With the exception of the dog, I think I found a use for everything it had to offer.

pietro1212401d ago

Gameplay wise it's amazing! Story and character wise it's lacking especially compared to previous titles, content wise it comes off as a unfinished product (not just speaking of the missing chapter)

Ray J400d ago

MGSV: Ground Zeros was an infinitely better Metal Gear Solid game than MGSV: the phantom pain ever wished it could be.
The horribly flawed and boring MGSV: The Phantom Pain was the biggest MGS disappointment ever to any real Metal Gear Solid fan.

Those that say MGSV: the phantom pain is an amazing game should watch this video, sums it up perfectly.

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xX-oldboy-Xx401d ago

All the gameplay nuances and mechanics in the MGS series are 2nd to none. What about all the unique boss battles throughout the series?

Come on mate - your comment is a massive stretch.

Imalwaysright401d ago (Edited 401d ago )

Exactly. For the time each game was released all MGS games had great gameplay and while I said below that all we've seen so far from Death Stranding was standard fare we didn't even watch 5 consecutive minutes of gameplay. It's too soon to judge Death Stranding's gameplay.

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bluefox755400d ago

Well, if he's this good at something that's not his "specialty", it'd be crazy to see his film making chops.

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