505 Games Partners With Females-Only Streamers To Introduce Control's Newest Protagonist

505 Games Writes On Twitter: We’ve partnered with select female creators to introduce @remedygames’s newest protagonist, Jesse Faden, in the first streams for @ControlRemedy !

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TheOptimist833d ago

This is a new level of retardation. :/

So now, are we going to have men introduce new male protagonists?

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Tross832d ago

We will have to wait for International Men's Day, which I'm sure will be introduced shortly after the annual Straight Pride Parade.

BadElf832d ago

Been waiting.

Was petitioning at my local Governmental building to get a National Scrotum Day. A day that was focused on the painful, painful things that can happen to Scrotum. A focus on how precious it truely is. Just have more awareness to it

rob-GP832d ago

Maybe if you weren’t so ignorant, you’d know that it actually exists and is in November...

DaDrunkenJester832d ago (Edited 832d ago )


You know why nobody knows about national mens day? Because it was only a thing from 1992, its younger than I am, and nobody even acknowledges it lol it even went away for a few years until it relaunched in '99.

Where is testicular or prostate cancer awareness month actually acknowledged as well? Come October everyone is wearing pink, but where is the same recognition for the purple ribbon in April?

"Breast cancer received $60 million more than prostate cancer and ovarian cancer and $64 million more than testicular cancer. The smaller funding for men's health research is a paradox given their average life expectancy is just 79.7 compared to 84.2 for women."

"A SPECTACULAR gender gap has resulted in men’s health problems being allocated a quarter of the funding women’s health research gets, ranked just ahead of parasitic infections. This is even though men die four and a half years earlier than women, and are 60 per cent more likely to die from cancer.
It is one reason there is still no reliable test to detect aggressive forms of prostate cancer, a bigger killer than breast cancer."

ginganinja832d ago

Movember passed you by then?

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DaDrunkenJester832d ago

I have no issue with this as long as the same people praising this wouldn't bitch about a publisher using only male streamers to promote their next game that has a male lead.

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GameStallion832d ago

Oh man, I just pre-ordered the game- is this what they are going to use my money for, a “woke” message to the video game world? Featuring only female streamers instead of people who are first passionate about what you do is an obnoxious and shortsighted PR stunt.

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Spurg833d ago (Edited 833d ago )

505 games aren't really the best publishers. They are the one who decided to let control be exclusive to EGS

PapaBop833d ago

Right there in one line you told me everything I need to know about 505 games lol.

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sagittariusboy832d ago

And the ones responsible for ALL exclusivity deals concerning Control.
Hope that this is the last Remedy game they publish.

sushimama833d ago

That's sexist. Stupid F*cks

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DaDrunkenJester832d ago

It's not sexist to promote a female lead using female streamers...

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SockeyBoy832d ago

Omg are you being serious???

Pirate that game boy

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