Streaming Services Will Disrupt Nintendo's Handheld Dominance

The Nintendo Switch has been an incredible success for Nintendo and it will likely keep growing. However, one of its biggest threats is cloud gaming.

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IRetrouk23d ago (Edited 23d ago )

No it wont.
Native will always beat streaming, the input lag alone will always be worse, then you have to account for cost of wifi or anything else like that. Most people around the world have caps etc, it will not take over dedicated systems for a good while yet.

gamer780422d ago

while native will always beat streaming is true, if someone is trying to stave off buying another console, they might opt for xcloud to their phone instead. I would never choose a streaming only service like stadia though, it would have to be xcloud or if sony can beef up psnow somehow.

IRetrouk22d ago

While I can see your point, and do see benefits of a streaming service, we then have to look into what it costs, the wifi isn't free and streaming eats data, you also have to consider the cost of the service itself, so overall cost could well end up more expensive over time than a console🤷‍♂️

22d ago
SegaGamer22d ago

These people go on like everybody has unlimited data with their phone contracts. From what I have seen, most people don't.

IRetrouk22d ago

That's it man, even streaming YouTube will eat through your data like nobodys business, a game will only eat more as there is even more info to send back and forth, I understand it as an optional service, but main way to game? Never.

Notellin22d ago

Most don't even have unlimited on their home internet. These articles are pointless. Streaming might be the future but it's not happening any sooner than 10 years.

My input lag on Stadia was horrible and I have gigablast connection. I was getting 850 down 500 up and still the Assassin's Creed Odyssey was unplayable on Stadia.

battlegrog22d ago

Yes it will. People like me are not getting a switch cus i want streaming service. Im not alone, dont speak for what you simply dont like when its not facts

IRetrouk22d ago (Edited 22d ago )

Everything I said was true, the input lag for streaming will never beat a native system, you also do have to consider cost of the wifi from your provider and the cost of the service itself. Streaming games will not be the main way we game, it will be an option.
Like it, dont, I dont care🤷‍♂️

Notellin22d ago

Plenty of surveys and statistics show the majority of players have little interest in the streaming service. When we have data it isn't an opinion it's evidence based.

I feel bad for people that want the service though especially if you haven't played it yourself. I couldn't stand it when I was in the beta.

The input lag is so jarring that I played 3 hours mostly just for testing my connection since I have gigablast and it was awful.

But for single player games with forgiving gameplay this could work if you didn't have any other options.

Maybay22d ago

The Nintendo Switch has been the best selling console in North America for a while now. With the Switch mini launching soon, that trend will continue.

Summons7522d ago

Just like the Switch wouldn't be successful because cell phone games exist.

NotoriousWhiz22d ago

Why would I play breath of the wild when I can play Candy crush the angry birds.

Zeref22d ago

Doubt. Nintendo still has the most beloved IPs and a dedicated handheld in the Switch. Eventually more people might choose to stream but they could easily allow you to stream xCloud on the Switch and would be the best way to play those games in handheld.

Segata22d ago (Edited 22d ago )

And smartphones would doom 3DS and Switch. Nintendo always doomed. DOOOOOMED!

isarai22d ago

No, just no. Carrying around a bulky controller and bracket is not practical, and the alternative of controlling a game built for 13 or so buttons on a touchscreen sucks balls. Add in top if that the latency that comes with streaming and the need for a reliable fast wifi access point and it's more a pain than anything else.

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The story is too old to be commented.