NHR: Fallout 3 Review


"Weapons…oh beautiful weapons. The weapons are broken down into 6 groups as all the Fallout games have done before. Small guns, Big guns, Energy weapons, Explosives, Melee and unarmed weapons. For my first run through i used small guns, which are incredibly effective if you have the ability to snipe at all. One shot to the head from stealth will kill most any enemy. Energy weapons are wicked fun, as you get to melt people from time to time, but they are kinda difficult to find, and to find ammo for. Big guns (my favorite) are exactly that. Massive amounts of ordinance headed in your enemy's direction is what its all about. Explosives would be grenades and mines, really they are a supplement to any other weapon type. Melee weapons you will use, a lot. Ammo is scarce and if you can get away hitting something with a stick…do it. I never used unarmed combat because I never had a reason to do so.

The navigation in this game can get a little bit boring and annoying from time to time. The map is massive and the landmarks are spread out, especially if you head to the northwest area of the map. In the DC ruins you can explore the subway system and the actual ruins of DC itself. I made a goal to actually visit the Capitol building which was magnificently done. There is complete chaos at the Capitol, and a behemoth that is incredibly fun to fight. I have logged over 30 hours in this game already since release and have yet to explore even half of the sites available."

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