Are PS3, Xbox 360 & Wii games too expensive?


"The average new release in the U.S. is $60, and in the U.K. about £40, which is quite a whack of money for just one title. But this price has to be looked at in context of how many hours of enjoyment will be garnered from it. While some games offer only limited gameplay time, with as little as five hours from some titles, most will offer upwards of 20 and even as much as 100 hours in the case of RPGs.

This actually works out at good value, especially when compared to other forms of entertainment. Buy a new DVD for $15 and watch it twice, and you'll have had about 4 hours of entertainment, and Blu-rays, currently retailing for about $30, are even worse value for money.

Gaming isn't cheap but it is an affordable hobby and great value for money when looked at in context to other pastimes. Which is why it's likely to survive in the current economic climate of recession. As always, the important thing is to operate quality control, only buying games which you know are highly rated and are going to last beyond an afternoon."

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Bathyj4045d ago


I've been paying roughly the same price for games for 20 years.

What else can you say that about?

Hentai4045d ago

If anyone thinks video games are too expension then they should get a new hobby.

UltimateIdiot9114045d ago

I can't think of any hobby that isn't expensive. If you can make something a hobby, you can be pretty damn sure there is a market out there for it.

Nitrowolf24045d ago

meh $60 bucks aint that much.
I do wish that they would be in in 50's rather then 60's

RSX4045d ago

£40 for one title
Thats $80. This is the reason why i get games from America.

Region Free is a nice feature.

zo6_lover274045d ago

Acctually, 40 pounds is just over $60. $62.75 to be exact

Bubble Buddy4045d ago

For good and great games no. For bad games, yes it is expensive,

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The story is too old to be commented.