Bluepoint Games Director Teases Legend of Dragoon Remaster

Peter Dalton, Technical Director at Bluepoint Games confesses his love for Legend of Dragoon while also teasing the possibility of a Remaster.

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-Foxtrot511d ago


Sony should buy Bluepoint, it's a great strategy to bring back and revive old franchises

Bluepoint or someone else could remake the older games and then you can develop a new instalment since you've brought the franchise back into the spot light with the remakes.

Lore511d ago

Way better alternatives than bluepoint. Just more expensive

511d ago
DerfDerf511d ago

What? Bluepoint is already a great dev and it has nothing to do with Sony.

Lore511d ago

LOL. No one said SoTC wasn’t great. Sony has always been my preferred publisher of choice and for good and logical reason, which is why I’d rather them make an acquisition of a development team that is of similar size and caliber to their current AAA 1st party teams. Level-5, Cygames, or Platinum to name a few.

jivah511d ago

You want old games? Why not new ones. New experiences.

Teflon02511d ago

Lore, I'll agree only because I think Level-5 was the best option imo for Sony outside of Insomniac games. Dark Cloud 2 is my all time fav game and I love all of Level-5's Playstation games since the first dark cloud. I'd love if they were given the ability to be the main RPG studio. I'd look forward to everything they do. But Level-5 would probably be a hassle to get for sure

Ratchet75511d ago

Better alternatives?!??? 😂 😂

bouzebbal511d ago

Oh my god! Remake of one of the biggest jrpgs of all time by the remake wizard!!!
Where can I pay???

mikeslemonade511d ago

Legend of Dragoon wasn’t even good.

The Wood511d ago

I hear you on that platinum and level 5 desire but with most things, you can't just get what you want when you want it. Strike whilst the irons hot. These deals take time and a lot of effort. I'd take bluepoint because they've been solid doing what they do. The relationship is there which helps. The more the merrier

511d ago
bouzebbal511d ago

PS5 reveal where they announce bluepoint acquisition and Legend of Dragoon trailer will for sure be on my top 3 biggest announcements ever.

IamTylerDurden1510d ago (Edited 510d ago )

Blue Point is literally the best remake/remaster dev in the industry and they've been adding to their team and could logically make their own game relatively soon. However, even if Sony just bought them as a remake/remaster studio it'd be a brilliant move. They did the brilliant Nathan Drake Collection and Shadow of the Colossus was probably the best remake ever made. They have a long history of remake/remasters prior to that as well including the excellent Gravity Rush Remaster, the God of War Collection, and Ico/SotC.

Sony has so many classic franchises that buying BP as strictly a remake/remaster studio would keep them busy indefinitely. The original Killzone would make a great remake, the Resistance trilogy deserves an Uncharted-like remaster, Draken, Motorstorm, Medievil 2, Warhawk, Ape Escape, Syphon Filter, Driver, Tomba ect.

IamTylerDurden1510d ago (Edited 510d ago )

I meant The Getaway via Sony London, not Driver. FML.

Speaking of London, how about a remake or just a "make" of 8 Days which never actually released.

MAG is another potential remake. Socom, Jack & Daxter as well. Twisted Metal, Jet Moto, PS All-STARS. It really is absurd how many classic franchises Sony can reach back to. Sly Cooper.

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darthv72511d ago

If Sony hasnt bought them, they must have their reasons.

neutralgamer1992511d ago

More like they haven't announced the acquisition

A lot of press conferences in between now and February-March 2020(when they will reveal Ps5)

yuhuvumeki511d ago

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ziggurcat511d ago

“Sony should buy Bluepoint”

Yes. Yes they should.

DogJosha510d ago

I think this would be a terrible mistake. Not necessarily for Sony, but for the consumers. Sony has some gems that they own the IP to, but there are so many more options when you look past Sony. Legend of Legaia, Skies of Arcadia, and Golden Sun are just a few to mention that all belong to different companies. Bluepoint would have a considerably harder time, but not necessarily impossible, making remakes of other great games if they are tied to a single company. The only reason they should be acquired by another company is if they face financial hardship that makes it unlikely that they will be able to continue doing what they do.

BillyG0AT511d ago

Just curious, why would you not want the game to come out on all platforms? That would increase the revenue of the devs and lead to better games, right?

Majin-vegeta511d ago

Cuz legend of Dragoon is a Sony owned IP....

MasterCornholio511d ago

Like Majin said the game isn't going to be made if it isn't an exclusive. That's the way Sony owned IPs work for the most part.

neutralgamer1992511d ago

Sony has just hasn't announced

SOTC remake was a huge test for blue point

Muzikguy511d ago

I would love for this to be true. Remake or remaster doesn't matter to me. I've yet to play the original but have planned on it. Just so many other games to play.That and I haven't touched the PS3 in a long time.

ReVibe511d ago

@Hawkeye SotC and Metal Gear HD Collection were awesome. Nuff said for me.

kayoss510d ago

doing remakes is one thing, but have bluepoint made an original IP?

SugarSoSweet510d ago

Why though? Just because of ONE PS1 game? What have Bluepoint done lately worthwhile?

rainslacker510d ago

I think if Sony is producing a remake for the game, then chances are high they're also buying bluepoint. I know there's a rumor floating around that they will be.

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BlackIceJoe511d ago (Edited 511d ago )

I'd LOVE to see this happen, because this is one game that I wish got a sequel and maybe if it gets remastered it finally will.

After remaking Legend of Dragoon I'd like to see both Drakan games get remade too.

Bushwick511d ago

Drakan was awesome! Would like Chrono cross as well

MWH510d ago (Edited 510d ago )

I loved the first Drakan, the second not that much. Still would be great if they bring it back.

Who remembers Mourn Bringer?

phoenixwing511d ago

i'd like a sequel tbh but i'll definitely pick up a remaster/remake

thatguyhayat511d ago

Dont you f***ing dare mess with my feelings i will cry if this is true