VGM: Midnight Club: Los Angeles Review


"Overall, Midnight Club: Los Angeles is arguably the best entry into the series. Cars handle exceptionally well, the city is rendered beautifully, and there is a wide selection of music to accompany you while you're serving up beatdowns to opponents. While the difficult does provide a disparaging amount of frustration for some gamers, it's also a good motivator to keep you on your toes. Some gamers may find the small amount of cars available a turnoff, but there's so many positive aspects of the game that it's currently one of the best arcade racers available right now. The feeling of speed is alive and well. There's never been a better time to experience the streets of Los Angeles."

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DA_SHREDDER3632d ago

Then why did you guys only give this an 8/10? I hate review sites.

Hydrolex3632d ago

comparing to racing games like GranTurismo this game is an 8

DA_SHREDDER3631d ago

but now its all just the same, but with better graphics. I like games that offer more then just a pretty car too drive. Driving should be about fun. Also, the online for Gran Turismo is garbage. There isn't even voice chat. Japanese think that we dont need voice chat, so I doubt they will include it in GT5,