Battlefield 5 Finger Gun Gameplay Easter Egg Must Be Seen to Be Believed

There's a cool Battlefield 5 Easter egg by DICE where your character's fingers become a gun! Watch it in action and it's as absurd as it sounds. The reload animation looks painful too.

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masterfox28d ago

No valve were affected by this.

excaliburps27d ago

Except fingers that got cracked! LOL!

27d ago
Nitrowolf227d ago

Yeah those fingers getting cracked was kind of gross

OneEyedSteve27d ago

Yea i seen this 2 months ago.... Old af news.

SirBillyBones27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

There were videos about this weeks, maybe even months, ago. How are you only just reporting this? Oh yeah, because MP1st are terrible.

AnotherGamer27d ago

The fingers bones cracking still gets me, damn creepy lol.

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