Sony's 'Dreams' Wins Best Of Gamescom Award

2K's 'Borderlands 3' scored the coveted Most Wanted consumer honor, as well as Best Multiplayer Game, as Europe's largest electronics entertainment showcase wrapped up Saturday.

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Apocalypse Shadow23d ago

Of course. You can make almost anything in the game. Music,movies,games and hopefully, vr games and experiences. I've seen fan creations that would rival major studios which is crazy. It's beyond Mario Maker, LBP and Spark. Way beyond.

Sony and Media Molecule just racking up more awards.

crazyCoconuts23d ago ShowReplies(2)
Tech522d ago (Edited 22d ago )

it's still held back by typical game making limitations.

learning curves
team work ethics

90% of talented artists start out with large ideas and end up making fan recreations.
because too much time necessary to invest. no money. not enough support. and team work ethics going down the drain. end result - lost all interest.

bishup2522d ago (Edited 22d ago )

Dreams cost you money upfront. that's already a setback. if a team of developers want to make a game they each have to buy it. that can be very expensive. the actual game making tools on PC are free and already support consoles. with the amount of money put towards this you can put it towards better graphics tools.

RpgSama22d ago

You must be fun at parties.

Genkins22d ago (Edited 22d ago )

Apocalypse Shadow -
"You can make almost anything in the game." + 15 agrees

Tech5 -
"it's still held back by typical game making limitations. + 15 disagrees
learning curves

Me -
"why haven't we seen triple AAA blockbuster games yet with next gen animations?" + 15 disagrees

"Apocalypse Shadow"
it takes time. it's too early. there are still some limitations." + 15 agrees

IamTylerDurden122d ago (Edited 22d ago )


The game is $29.99 if u buy it now.

The ppl buying Dreams are gamers. We are creative gamers, gamers who simply like to play other ppl's creations, gamers who might dabble in creation, gamers who are serious about creation, VR enthusiasts who want a plethora of VR content, and ppl who loved LBP and just want to have fun. You can play, create, remix, write reviews, become a content curator, or just dive into the community. Some ppl will play the main campaign and only the Mm content, some won't touch the story campaign, some will work mostly on music/sound design, some will form teams and crank out masterpieces, some will find their niche creating assets for the community, some will become masters of animation, or masters of remixing, and some will enjoy tracking projects and watching them grow.

Dreams is progressive, it's innovative, and it's creation. But it's also play. Mm is not just selling you a game engine, they are selling you a game. Ultimately Dreams is a game. It has incredible creation roots, but it also has a campaign and will ship with thousands of hours of content. They've built in a community infrastructure that will encourage ppl to write reviews, collaborate, remix, rate, and get involved. It's just so multifacted and to compare it to just a game engine is irresponsible and misinformed.

As i've stated, Dreams isn't just a game engine and it's not just for serious developers or aspiring game creators. Ppl with the skill and knowledge in legitimate game creation, true professionals, and those looking to create a commercial product should probably look elsewhere. Professional developers are welcome to have fun with Dreams, they are welcome to create a masterpiece, but obviously the mass majority of Dreams players will be regular games who are fans of Mm and those who enjoy creation, but have never written code.

Dreams allows you to learn and perhaps master the tool set in mere days or weeks as opposed to months or years. It's far more accessible than a professional game engine.

Tech522d ago (Edited 22d ago )

@ genkins

as humorist as your quote seems. it does bring a sense of joy to the concept that console gamers will get to be developers and experience the same roadblocks as developers. some of the biggest game critics are console gamers.

with Dreams being produced gamers will have a chance to have their games criticized along side other developers. if anything this will add a higher understanding to the common complications to game development.

Teflon0222d ago (Edited 22d ago )

"90% of talented artists start out with large ideas and end up making fan recreations.
because too much time necessary to invest"

No, that's what the ambitious talent does to test tools etc. So they can understand what is possible and so on. After a bit, the skilled and people with a vision will make those things. Just like LBP. It's not filled with clones anymore. The best stuff in LBP is all the unique content all over. If you want to make a adventure like Zelda. What way to understand the limitations than to actually build it in it so you know what to do before making blueprints to something you may not be able to do the math and figure out. Remember. Mm doesn't even know how some of the stuff made in LBP was even remotely possible. Like they literally never knew some things were possible.

The ppl who only make clones didn't intend to make something different. They don't try make something and say scratch that lets make a clone lol. If anything it's the opposite. The good stuff just needs a bit of time before it's created

Spicyram22d ago (Edited 22d ago )

This is an article abut dreams winning an award at gamescom, who are you? What have you achieved to have such a big mouth towards the game?

sprinterboy22d ago

You've heard of Minecraft haven't you, million upon millions of gamers of all ages building stuff etc which takes hours and hours to build a city or eiffel tower etc.
Dreams does all that and more like music, a actual game, movie or some art work or character creation.
Please read what you type before adding.

bishup2522d ago (Edited 22d ago )

IamTylerDurden1 -
"As i've stated, Dreams isn't just a game engine"

neither are the tools on PC. everything from movies, music, and user created content can all be made on the same free tools. proof.
producing music in Unity5.

not just games. you can make graphic novels, flip books. whatever.
all of it open source at no additional cost.

Rhythmattic22d ago (Edited 22d ago )

Your link regarding Unity and Producing music is way off the mark...

I write, record, produce, mix...
Ive composed short and feature length film scores....
All youve posted is a Mixing engine similar to Wwise... and still not as capable...

Dreams allows you to "write" music, produce music, and then like your links, Mix music in relation to interaction within a game....

I will play uninformed, but it seems Unity5 Does not allow composing with Midi...

Will Dreams be as good as Logic or Cubase.?
Very much doubt it, But Dreams goes beyond Unity for music "Composition"

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Sharingan_no_Kakashi23d ago

I hope this game sold well cuz no lie, i just looked up one day and it had released. I haven't seen a trailer or anything for it.

-Foxtrot23d ago

It hasn’t released yet

Just early access for a select few

22d ago
roadkillers22d ago

Early access for those who bought it. Anyone can get the early access. It's cool, but there is a lot of fluff to get past. Seems like a platformer haven though.

SolidGamerX23d ago

You're misinformed the game hasn't released, there is no official release date. The game was made available for early access in April for a limited number of players but has not sold to the general public yet.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi23d ago

Got it. yeah I saw some gameplay a few months back so I thought it released. Guess it was just from the early access.

Spicyram22d ago

No lie, you have zero clue what's going on.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi21d ago

Look kid. It was a simple mistake which I acknowledged twice now. I get it if your only self worth comes from exaggerating the importance of not knowing whether a video game has released or not. But int adult land we have this concept called "moving on".

SolidGamerX23d ago

Sony has yet another winner on their hands.

IamTylerDurden122d ago

Dreams won "Game of Show" and two other awards

Concrete Genie won best family game

Iron Man VR won best VR game

Sony did extremely well at Gamescom

SolidGamerX22d ago

Sony's killin it and these games aren't even out yet. lol

MasterCornholio23d ago

I'm not surprised. I've seen people create some pretty cool Games with this. I'm so happy they Media Molecule has created such a versatile game creation tool. After Microsoft dropped project Spark I was hoping that Media Molecule would come out with something alot better.

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