Uncharted 4 Dev Claims Fans Still Haven't Discovered An Easter Egg

Uncharted The Lost Legacy was released almost two years ago and as Naughty Dog celebrated its anniversary, they also shared some new information about Uncharted 4.

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28d ago Replies(8)
HeisenbergX28d ago

Lol i found that “easter egg” in UC4 in my first playthrough

Atom66628d ago

I got the trophy for it on my second playthrough, but I can't remember if I stayed there long enough afterward. I'd guess others have found it before the guy in the video.

27d ago
HeisenbergX27d ago

Yes i did .. why would i lie ? that level was so awesome i didn't want to leave so i explored i climbed everything that i could

HeisenbergX27d ago

Okay seriously why is that so hard to believe ? you have no idea how much i loved UC4 and the whole Madagascar plus the clocktower level so much that i explored every fucking inch climbed to the top and heard Nate say i can see my house from here one of the best moments ever in games. Wowwwww soooo hidden. And sorry i didn't post it on youtube or whatever so people can believe me ohhhhh how stupid of me. But go ahead dislike this comment again with your three accounts. ;)

RabbitFly27d ago

Lol the idea that this was some hidden gem that "np one" found is hilarious. Everyone found this, no one cared, because it isn't actually an easter egg. It is just the camera spinning around. This naugthy dog animator probably feel like it is worth more attention because he worked on this segment and can't see the forest for the trees.

I 100% believe HeisenbergX here. I think this was even mentioned in most trophy guides even though it is not required for the trophy.

27d ago
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27d ago
rivaldoo77728d ago

Uncharted 4 is the best Uncharted with the best and the worst antagonist. Rafe and Nadine. Nadine is too one dimensional to be likable, I wish most characters in TLOU2 is very likable.

28d ago
Juusterey28d ago

Well plenty of people like her
So you're factually wrong

27d ago
Juusterey27d ago

no, that would make her hateable too
people like her, that's a fact
that means she is likeable
maybe take your own advice?

TricksterArrow27d ago

Is she really worse than Talbot, Rameses and Draza? Really?

Jls128d ago (Edited 28d ago )

Uncharted 4 was the worst of the series. Its like Nathan has already retired hes not even into the adventure. If it werent for Sam there wouldn't have been an uncharted 4 lol. On top of that theres way to much boring walking talking,and climbing. Which is why Uncharted 2 then 1 are my favs. Plenty of gunfights and action. Even lost legacy felt more like an uncharted game than uncharted 4. Train reminded me of uncharted 2.

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Smokehouse27d ago

I agree completely. Missed Easter eggs? I missed half of the story out of boredom lol.

HeisenbergX27d ago

Well i'm sorry ND didn't make another 7 hour Uncharted with forced set pieces for people like you with short attention span.

Smokehouse27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

They did. It’s called lost legacy and it’s much better than U4 regardless of anyone’s attention span. It’s not my fault the game is boring lol.

SyntheticForm27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

@ HeisenbergX

I loved Uncharted 4 too, but why can't we respectfully disagree with each other over video games?

Bill: Have you read Catcher in the Rye?
Julie: Yeah, didn't care for it.
Bill: Gotcha.

Bill: Have you seen Wonderwoman? I took the family to see it yesterday and we all loved it.
Julie: Yeah, I wasn't too keen on it - liked Aquaman more.
Bill: Cool, cool.

Bill: Have you played Uncharted 4? Fantastic game - couldn't put it down.
Julie: I played it and didn't much care for it - loved Tomb Raider though.
Bill: You [email protected]#$%^* [email protected]#$!. You've got to [email protected]#$%^& me!

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KwietStorm27d ago

"Its like Nathan has already retired hes not even into the adventure. If it werent for Sam there wouldn't have been an uncharted 4 lol"

So you understood that part of the story then..?

27d ago
KwietStorm27d ago

lol how do you figure clearly I don't? You literally described part of the plot of the game, but you said it like you don't even understand Sam's place in the story.

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Smokehouse28d ago

It was too slow paced and boring to play twice or do a collectibles run. I didn’t even really enjoy the first playthrough, I lost attention a lot during boring cinematics and story drags. Lost legacy was miles better imo.

Prince-Ali27d ago

Thank god thats just your opinion and not a fact loool

Smokehouse27d ago

Good thing you only felt the need to be captain obvious my post. You would be quite busy if you said that to every comment on this site. Although you thought that was funny so you might enjoy it?

SolidGamerX27d ago

I found it well paced and exciting but I don't suffer from ADHD.

Smokehouse27d ago

It’s not, you’re probably just as boring as the game is lol. Which is fine, I’m glad you enjoyed watching it.

27d ago
27d ago
SolidGamerX27d ago

Yawn your reply is boring. I enjoyed playing it but I don't require frequent doses of Ritalin to stay focused like you do.

27d ago
Smokehouse27d ago

Yes you are easily entertained apparently. I bet you can stay focused on that laser pointer for hours.

Juusterey27d ago

got sick of that tutorial chapter as young Nate very fast

SolidGamerX26d ago

If I'm so easy entertained why do I find all your comments so mind numbingly dull. You keep trying though champ.

Smokehouse26d ago

Because it requires thought and not just staring at a shiny object with your drool face on. You think I’m so dull yet you had to respond to my comment? No, you hated my comment so much you had to respond lol. I know why you hate it though, champ. It’s because deep down you know I’m right and you can’t stand it.

SolidGamerX26d ago

Swing and a miss try again bud.

Smokehouse26d ago

*shines laser pointer at wall*
*jingles keys*

SolidGamerX26d ago

Oops flat on your face again, keep trying there slugger.

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