Control Won’t Support HDR, Locked At 30fps On PS4 & Xbox One

505 Games Brand CM Lucas Liaskos revealed that Control will not support HDR which is releasing on August 27th on PC, PlayStation and Xbox One.

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Jin_Sakai29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

Agreed. No HDR and all consoles locked to 30fps isn’t great to hear.

ziggurcat28d ago

30fps isn't that big of a deal. 60 is obviously better, but 9/10 if there's an option, I go with 30fps anyway. Also, not a lot of devs get HDR right.

Jin_Sakai28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

“30fps isn't that big of a deal. 60 is obviously better, but 9/10 if there's an option, I go with 30fps anyway.”

I’m the opposite. I’d always choose 60fps. Devs should at least give us the option to choose if possible.

28d ago
ziggurcat28d ago

If I find that there's way too much motion blur where it causes a headache at 30fps, then I switch to 60fps. For GOW, and Hellblade, for example, I was fine with the 30fps option.

bluefox75528d ago (Edited 28d ago )

@ziggurcat I have a hard time believing that. Why would anyone choose 30fps over 60fps? It's not only far smoother, the input delay is reduced with 60fps. There hasn't been a single Pro game that that offered 4k/30 vs 1080p/60 that I haven't chosen 1080p/60. Some slower paced games are "fine" at 30fps, but gaming just feels better at 60fps.

rainslacker28d ago

motion blur is added in artificially to make things appear more cinematic. The human mind tends to find it unsettling to watch something that doesn't have motion blur. A movie shot on video for instance doesn't have motion blur, because it doesn't work like film. So, they filter the image to make it more pleasant for the user.

Same is true with games. If they didn't add it in, it would look like a video, and even 60fps has that motion blur added in.

ziggurcat28d ago


"Why would anyone choose 30fps over 60fps?"

Because usually there's a boost in the visuals when you go with the lower frame rate, and I sometimes prefer to enjoy a game's visuals at their best over a smoother frame rate. I don't always choose 30 over 60, though - the 9/10 was a slight exaggeration. And honestly, not all games need to be 60fps to be able to enjoy them.

someone7227d ago

@bluefox - Ive said this before, but I cant tell the difference between 30 and 60fps, so i always take the resolution. A higher number may be quantitatively better, but if a person cant see those benefits than its the same as not existing.

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milohighclub28d ago

You're all forgetting the new ps system update that has HDR at the system level...

yuhuvumeki27d ago

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Passerotto27d ago

I think that 60fps for nextgen is priority than graphics.
Really i cannot ever see a 30fps game...
Control on pc have RTX, and on console nothing HDR? i think this is illogic.

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SkatterBrain29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

Id Cancel my PreOrder if i didnt Love Max Payne 1 and 2 soo Much and also that Blade Runner esque ray tracing tech demo looked cool

VerminSC28d ago

You’d cancel a game over locked frame rate?

franwex28d ago

I think he’s just trying to fit in.

SkatterBrain28d ago

no the HDR and Pro Support is what helps me choose to pay full price on games, just got an LG C8

milohighclub28d ago

The pro is getting HDR at system level in next update

bolimekurac28d ago

thats why no one bought them up as a developer. they suck

PygmelionHunter28d ago

Not to defend them or anything, but do keep in mind the ancient hardware they have to work with.

SolidGamerX28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

If the hardware is so ancient explain to me why other developers have been able to included HDR and make games that run at 60fps on said hardware?

Jin_Sakai28d ago

Getting away from these god awful jaguar CPUs this generation will be a godsend.

SkatterBrain27d ago

if the PS5 has a USB C port they could technically offer upgrade to the system by hooking up a box with a powersupply unit and an upgraded CPU and GPU after 2 years since USB C goes directly to the Motherboard

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ocelot0728d ago


No excuses with HDR. But about the frame rate issue. Developers use different engines. Some engines are tasking on the CPU (the CPU in the PS4 and XB1 suck badly). Some are more GPU tasking and some have a good balance.

D3TH_D33LR28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

This just in. Half your HDR games today utilize BS fake HDR and you’re all getting upset over something fairly insignificant

zodiac90928d ago

@bolimekurac @SolidGamerX So...because GTA V and other rockstar games have a 30 fps cap, they must "suck as devs" also?? Do you have a brain??...Its ALWAYS fallen on the developer on whether or not they sacrifice ingame assets in order to make a game run at 60 fps (ex gran turismo 3-4, burnout series BOTH ON PS2), or sacrifice framerate, in order to get more assets (details) in the game (ex gta, horizon zero dawn, ect)..and if you think all games next gen that will run 60 fps, wake f**k up.

SolidGamerX28d ago

Why did you included me in your angry post I never said the developer sucked.

NeoGamer23227d ago

You obviously have never played their games. I am not a fan of Control for a few of my own reasons...

But, their Max Payne games were really good. And Alan Wake was a bigger vision then they could execute on 360, but still really done well. Alan Wake American Nightmare was a ton of fun. And Quantum Break definately wasn't a 90's type game, but it was done well.

I expect Control will be another solid entry by Remedy. But it is not a day one buy for me. I will wait until it is much cheaper.

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Seth_hun28d ago

Got the game early, and my base ps4 struggling to even reach 20 at chaotic moments. Thats with a day1 patch, so it need some more polish. And there are weird artifacts, filter on every surface that must be reflective, and from some angle they look horrible.
But... the characters and the atmosphere are great, so i would give it a try. If you like the stories of the SCP Foundation, you know what you can expect

sprinterboy28d ago

Base model myself so thx for the heads up on the fps drops.
I'm literally waiting for ps5 now tbh though to play the games now, I'm just playing back catalogue for the nxt 12mths

Stay-Toasty28d ago

Thank you. Haven't seen any reviews up yet and it made me a little nervous because I preordered a few days ago. The SCP stuff is really interesting to hear! It seems PERFECT for this game. I'm excited for it.

Emme28d ago

Wait that sounds like Quantum Break !

jznrpg28d ago

Not the end of the world but would be nice to have . I’m sure it is a money issue

rob-GP28d ago

Doubtful, they have a big publisher and plenty of money from previous projects. I imagine it’s performance related as the game is very heavy on the physics, so HDR on all the debris and effects would tank the framerates on consoles

RangerWalk26728d ago

Maybe the base versions. But you'd think the X and Pro could handle it.

OpenGL27d ago

HDR has virtually no impact on performance.

rob-GP27d ago

@OpenGL - well, it does in some cases -

On consoles we probably don’t see the impact because the output image most likely always renders both HDR and SDR, showing whichever your device supports. Rather than showing either or and not rendering the alternative.

As I said before though, the amount of physics based effects and actions will most likely be dragging the Jag on all 4 systems to the dirt as it is, nevermind adding HDR into the mix. Regardless, the game still looks great as it is :)