Macworld: Big Mean Folder Machine 1.5.1 review


"The biggest limitation of Big Mean Folder Machine is that you can't save settings for frequently-performed tasks. However, the developer told me such a feature is in the works for an upcoming update. Other minor limitations include the lack of an option to delete source folders after merging or splitting, and an inability to selectively merge and split. For example, it would be useful if BMFM could pull only the .avi files out of a bunch of folders and place those .avi files in a single folder. (A workaround is to merge the folders of files into a single folder and then split that folder's contents into separate folders by type, but that pulls out all file types rather than just the .avi files.) Another minor improvement I'd like to see is for the preview window to display the size for new folders. But these are minor limitations. I've found Big Mean Folder Machine to be a huge time-saver when performing large file-organization jobs."

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