10 Obscure Consoles You (Probably) Never Knew Existed, Until Now

In the past, there were many more console makers than what we have today. Here is our comprehensive list of the top 10 most obscure consoles ever created that you (probably) never knew existed, until now!

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FallenAngel198423d ago

Most people forget about Nintendo’s first console, the Color TV

IRetrouk23d ago

I had the r zone, had to play it in the dark or you couldnt see shite🤣

Segata22d ago

I knew of every single one of these. Pippin is a meme at this point. People know of R-zone from AVGN (I knew a kid personally with one back in the day)


Mega Duck

Casio PV-1000



Bandai Playdia

Super A'Can

howiewowwee22d ago

obscure = awful.
don't forget the Gamate and Supervision!!

21d ago